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Breakfast at School

[scheduled monthly=”7″ time=”09:00 AM” length=”0:0:10:0″][/scheduled]Did you know that we serve breakfast at school between 8:20 and 9 am?  Mrs. Stacey, one of our classroom instructional assistants and lunchroom supervisors, serves juice and cold cereal each school day in the multi-purpose room.

Breakfast is available to all children and part of our food service program.  Parents can pre-pay for breakfast by visiting the FOOD SERVICE LINK.

If your child is eating breakfast at school, tell them to enter at the front door or the 2/3 door.  They go directly to the Lunch Room/MPR and after eating, they will be dismissed to the playground or their classrooms.


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Staff Holiday Breakfast

Christy Hultink and Kristi Fellows, Parent Club members, hosted a beautiful holiday breakfast for all the staff members of Georgetown.  The tables were lined with evergreens and candles and smells of pastries, quiche and coffee filled the air.  Staff members received notes of appreciation, along with stipends to put toward the purchase of classroom materials.  (I do believe that Krista Lawrence pulled an “all-nighter” writing these notes and making out checks!)  Tremendous thanks to all the parents who donated the food–and made this event possible.  We, the staff of Georgetown, feel honored to work with you and your children each day!