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Mandarin: Words to Practice

Mr. Brain Kleinsmith, the Mandarin teacher at BMS and RMS, created some tutorials to help us prepare for our visitors from Pingtung, Taiwan.   They will arrive on October 29 and stay through November 1.

As Mr. Kleinsmith shares in his introduction, our visitors are so very honored when we use these simple greetings.   Speaking in their native language is a wonderful way to say, “We are so glad you are here!”

You can practice some simple phrases by listening to them here.

Introduction: Introduction

Hello:   Nihao 

Welcome:  Huanying 

My Name is:  Wo jiao 

Please:  Qing 

Thank You:  Xie xie 

Yes and No:  Shr – Bu shr

Goodbye:  Zaijian 



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Using Technology to Showcase Writers

Mrs. VanHaitsma, our English Language Learner teacher, uses every tool available to help her students learn the complexities of the English language.  In December, Mrs. VanHaitsma shared a story written by Leah who is a native Chinese speaker and is quickly becoming very skilled in her second language, English.

Visit Mrs. VanHaitsma’s blog to hear and see Leah’s well written story. She will brighten your day!

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Chinese for Lunch, Anyone?

One of the items that I offered at the silent auction was LUNCH WITH THE PRINCIPAL.  The winner of this exciting opportunity was CJ Coxen, a fourth grader in Mr. Gort’s room.  When I asked CJ where he wanted to go out for Chinese—which is a proposal I have never had for lunch.  Chinese

Today we headed out to Great Lakes Chinese Restaurant for lunch.  Once we were seated in our booth, we ordered our drinks and made our first trip to the buffet.  CJ pointed out the best dishes, we made our selections and then settled in for lunch.  The food was great and the conversation even better.  CJ told me about his awesome spring break in Cleveland where he saw the Caveliers play.  I learned about his favorite players–and why basketball is his preferred sport.

On the way back to school, he gave me a tour of his neighborhood and showed me where all the other cool CJkids from Georgetown live.  (Now that I know where everyone lives, I can drive by and drop off extra homework!)

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Coxen for supporting the silent auction and providing me with this great opportunity to hang out with CJ.   We had a great time…and a great lunch!

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Hello Again Georgetown Parents!

Welcome back to another school year.  I am posting the latest Community Ed opportunites for students this fall.  You may fill out the attached fliers and send them or drop them off at the Community Ed office or you may go directly to the Hudsonville Public Schools website and find the Community Ed tab at the top of the home page and along the left hand side you will see “Youth Activities”.  This will list all the upcoming activities and you are able to register online.

JR CHEER CLINIC for students in grades K-5. Register by September 18


GIRLS BASKETBALL  for girls in grades 3-6.  Register by September 22


MANDARIN CHINESE CLASSES   for students in grade 4-5.  Register by September 25


HUNTER SAFETY CLASS  for anyone who wishes to receive a license.  (kids under 12 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)

Two sessions- Register by September 25 or October 23.


Have a great dayn and enjoy the upcoming activites.

Mrs. Nurenberg

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We made the Taiwan News!

Joan Jang, a student from Taiwan who attends Purdue University, shared through email that we had made the news in Taiwan!  Mrs. Yu Wen, the principal of our sister school, Raey Guang Elementary, was interviewed about our partnership.  The photo in both articles shows her holding our student artwork (a gift from Georgetown to Raey Guang) that was presented during her visit to our school in October 2008.

Both articles cite our blogs–the one you are viewing right now and our blogs set up for FAMILY BLOGGERS (matching families from each school to communicate with one another) and SCHOOLS THAT BLOG TOGETHER (blog communication between the students/teachers of both schools).  The articles (below), are in Chinese and English.  I wanted you to be able to see both versions–and appreciate the beauty of the written Mandarin language.  Please be aware that the English translation is close…but not exactly true to the elegance of the Chinese language.  The message of collaboration and appreciation of both countries and cultures is strong and clear in both languages.  Enjoy!  Mrs. Reagan

Taiwan Yahoo! News:Chinese

Taiwan Yahoo! News:  English 

Liberty Times:Chinese

Liberty Times: English