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PK/K Enrollment Forms 2012

The Round Up Meeting for our newest group of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students takes place  March 6.  This is an opportunity for parents to find out about the district PK and K programs and enroll their child for the 2011-12 school year.

Georgetown will hold it’s meeting at 7 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room.  There will be the option to attend a day time program at 10 am  (held at Alward or South.  The material will be the same for all schools.

If you know a neighbor who has an upcoming PK or K child, please encourage them to attend the meeting.



  • PREKINDERGARTEN:  Full Day, Alternating Days.  Held at Alward, Bauer, Forest Grove, South
  • KINDERGARTEN:  Full Day, Everyday.  Held at all buildings.

All kindergarten placement request will be honored.  PK placement request will be honored based on section availability.  Preference will be given to students with birthdays between September 1 and December 1.

This information will be reposted to the blog weekly between now and March 6.  We are excited to begin enrolling the K class for the 2012-13 school year.

If you would like a paper copy of this information, open and print this document:  PK:K Info 2012

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More 2011-12 Kindergarten Scoop!

We have received many questions regarding enrollment of PK and K childrenblocks for the 2011-12 school year.

How old does my child need to be to enroll in PK or K?

  • Children eligible for PK or K must turn 5 years before December 1, 2011.

How do I find out about the difference between PK and K?

If my child is in PK with Mrs. Boes room this year,  do I need to attend Round Up?

  • No, you do not need to attend.  You simply need to complete a registration form for kindergarten.  This will arrive home this week.  Registration form can also be downloaded here:  K Registration

If  I have a child that will be NEW to Georgetown and you would like to find out more about PK and K, should I attend the meeting on March 8?

  • Yes,  we would love to provide you with information about the programs.

What if I cannot attend the meeting?

  • If you cannot attend the night meeting, we invite you to go to the 10 am meeting at Alward or South Elementary.  The information will be the same.  If the meeting times do not work for you, stop by Georgetown and pick up the enrollment information.  The office is open from 9 – 4 pm each day.

Should my child be screened to determine if a PK or K placement is best?

  • Every parent has the option to have their child screened.  We offer this screening to help parents with this decision. The screening is brief—-approximately 20 minutes.  Recommendations are shared at the end of the screening.  This is scheduled when you turn in the enrollment form.  Screening days are March 15 and 16.

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Remember to Enroll for Kindergarten!

Kindergarten enrollment forms will be available in our school office. We encourage any family with a child kindergartenturning five years of age on or before December 1 of 2010 to enroll.  Please fill out the forms below and return to the office at anytime or drop them off at the March 9  Kindergarten Round-Up meeting.
  • Completed enrollment form K Registration
  • Copy of your child’s birth certificate (must be certified with a raised seal)
  • Health appraisal form which includes dates of immunizations and vision testing (this form must be turned in no later than August 27, 2010) Health Appraisal

Kindergarten Round-Up meetings will be held for parents on Tuesday, March 9.  The meeting will offer parents information in preparation of your child entering Kindergarten  Overview K current or Pre-Kindergarten Overview PK current in the Fall.  The locations and times of the meetings are as follows:

Alward Elementary – 10 a.m. OR 7 p.m.    (Georgetown parents who are not able to attend in the evening can attend the 10 am meeting at Alward.  The information is identical to the meeting held at 7 pm.)
Georgetown Elementary – 7 p.m. only

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Enrollment Forms

I have received many emails and phone inquiries about enrollment forms for children in grades PK-12.  If you need enrollment forms for PK, K, elementary or secondary to one of the Hudsonville Public Schools, you can access these via our district site’s ENROLLMENT link.  If you have any questions about these forms, do not hesitate to contact Robin VandenBerg: or 669-1740 x 55110.