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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Dear Mrs. Reagan,

This summer I have read a lot of books.

I also went to Michigan’s Adventure. I rode Shivering Timbers and it felt like I was flying going down the hill.  I also rode Mad Mouse.

We went to Mackinac Island and went on a horse carriage tour ride. The fudge was excellent.

I went to a Tigers game for the first time. It was awesome!




Dear Chloe,

Thank you for writing me this email!  It sounds like you have had a great summer…and the pictures reflect this, too.

It looks like Ethan had as much fun as you had at the Tiger’s game.  

I am excited for everyone (including you and Ethan) to come back to school.  It is too quiet here by myself!

See you soon.

Mrs. Reagan


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Fishing, Anyone?

Ethan, a 2nd grader in Mr. Jurewicz’s class, sent me an email shout out to share some of the highlights of his summer.

He has been fishing, swimming and riding his cool new longboard.  For those of you who don’t have a longboarder in your home, be aware that this board is the ultimate cruiser for the neighborhood.  It is a modeled after  a surf board or snowboard — only with wheels.

Check out these cool pictures of Ethan!  If you want to photos of your summer highlights, please send them to me via email attachment.  I will get them on the blog to share with everyone.

Mrs. Reagan