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Always Changing: Grade 4 and 5 Health Program


Each spring, we are required to share information with our fourth and fifth grade students regarding changes in human development related to puberty.  These videos go through an extensive in-district review process to make sure the material is appropriate for the developmental age of the students and meet the state standards for our health curriculum.


The videos will be shown on April 3.  The students will be grouped as follows:


  • Fourth & Fifth grade boys will view the video with male teachers, allowing time for Q & A following the viewing.  
  • Fourth & Fifth grade girls will view the video female teachers,  allowing time for Q & A following the viewing. 


If you would like to preview the videos, please visit the Proctor and Gamble site, sponsors of the curriculum.  At this location, you can examine the curriculum. parent support material and view the girls and boys videos.   As always, our preference is that children feel comfortable talking with their parents about how their bodies are changing – and we encourage them to talk with you regarding questions that cannot be addressed at school.


If you DO NOT want your child to view the video with the grade level gender group, please call or email me. We will make arrangements for supervision for your child in the office during the Always Changing curriculum program.