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Georgetown Rap

Georgetown Rap

Written, Produced and Performed by Jordan Wolma, Josh Hoekstra,  Kevin Conkel

Everyday I get up and it’s off to school
I’m so tired I get there lookin like a fool.

I play on the playground ‘til I hear the bell
I fall in the mud and my ankle starts to swell.

But Mrs. Ripley- she’s got my back
She makes a call to mom and gets an ice pack.

Mrs. Reagan likes to post pic’s on her blog

If you’re lucky you might get to pet her dog. Milo!

Mrs. Vandeburg wants us readin lots of books
If we’re not doin our reading we get dirty looks

Knowledge comes in and goes right back out
I know that you know what I’m talking about

Georgetown 5th grade teachers rock it out
They know what learning is all about

Mrs. Burdis is the veteran of the bunch
If your work’s not done you can join her for lunch.

Mrs. Walenta has a thing for pooh
And when she asks us somethin’ we answer, “woo, woo!”

When I say “Georgetown” you say “rocks”

When we say “Georgetown” you say “rocks”



If I raise my hand and be a good sport
I’ll get lots of smile bucks from Mr. Gort

Mr. B. must think we’re the best class alive
He decided to stick with us from grade 3 through 5.

Those are the fifth grade teachers, and we know they rule
They’re gettin’ us ready for middle school

Mrs. Brouwer- art is her thing

She’s getting us ready for the art show in spring.

Mrs. Bretz works hard for Christmas program day
Hey-you might be singing Christmas songs this year in May!

In pillow polo we wonder if the teachers cheat
They always win- they’ve never been beat!

When we say Georgetown, you say rocks
Georgetown, rocks, Georgetown, rocks

Peace out!