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Pool Party at the PRINCIPAL’s HOUSE!

pool party 2011

In early September, we held a Walk-a-thon to raise money for Parent Club events in our school.  The top money earners won a pool party with me…at my pool!  We took advantage of one of the few warm days so far this spring and left 580 students at school to learn so we could splash in my pool all afternoon!

As you will see from our slide show, the children wasted no time getting in the pool!  I had to drag them out to eat subs, cheetohs, pretzels, and watermelon (washed down with pop and lemonade).  This was followed with a great water fight, diving tricks and more.

On the way back to school, we stopped at Captain Sundaes for a perfect end of the afternoon treat and headed back to school just in time for the busses to take us home.  Enjoy these photos…and many thanks to Sheyla (two time winner), Will, Emma, Jayda and Keegan for all you did to raise money for our great school.  And…our sweet Kiara was sick today and couldn’t make the party.  We saved some water for you to splash around in when you are feeling better Kiara!

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Manana, Iguana

Have you ever read or listened to the story The Little Red Hen?  Remember how hard the Red Hen works to get everything ready and then all her friends want to take part in the feast, even though they did nothing to help?


Today I had the honor of listening to Keidy and Jada read Manana, Iguana aloud to their friends in Ms. VanArkel’s 3rd grade classroom.  In this story a  hard working Iguana prepares for a fiesta with no help from her friends.  Keidy speaks two languages (something we all admire greatly about her) and she shared this book to help introduce us to Spanish vocabulary in a familiar story.

Keidy and her friend Jada worked together as read aloud partners to share this book with the class…and a lucky principal who stopped in to visit!  Jada and Keidy made a great read aloud team.

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