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A Blustery Week Ahead: January 21-25, 2013

For the first time this winter, I am using the words “blustery week ahead!”  With confidence, you can dress your children in winter clothing knowing they will need them to stay warm outside.

The children will be very excited to play in the snow during recess…and we are all happy to have snow on the ground rather than muddy fields.  With the forecast for high winds and low temperatures, know that we will keep the children inside if the wind chill is zero or below.

Our schedule for the week is below.  Remember, if you are going to the father/daughter WINTER WONDERLAND DANCE, please get your ticket money in on Monday, January 21.

Have a great blustery week!

Mrs. Reagan




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Juxtaposition of Two Seasons

If you walked around our playground today, you saw children playing outside on a warm, sunny spring-like day.  Jackets and coats (if worn outside) were lying on the ground, while groups of children played basketball, soccer and tag.

Basketball in January

Next to the basketball court, Mr. Rob’s truck waited for the snow.  His truck, in the ready position, was my reminder that it is January — so get out those winter boots and warm woolen mittens!

Mr. Rob is Ready for some SNOW!

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The January Wolf Moon

For those of you who wake before the sun rises, you have undoubtedly loved the sight of the January Wolf Moon.  According to ancient Native American lore, the Full Wolf Moon appears amid the cold and deep snows of mid-winter, while the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages. January’s full moon was also known as the Old Moon or the Moon after Yule.

While driving west from Holland each morning, I have been stunned by the beauty of this moon setting in a cloudless sky, lit by the rising sun.

Below is a collage of photos I took this morning while the moon was over Georgetown.  To find out more about the history of moon naming, visit Joe Rao’s MSNBC article.

January 2012 Wolf Moon over Georgetown

Based on the weather forecast, tonight and early Wednesday morning will be your last chance to catch a glimpse at the Wolf Moon before the snow clouds start rolling in to our area.