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Clogged by Kennedy VanderStel


Kennedy’s story, CLOGGED was selected as worthy of a performance by the 5th grade team for our all school JUST WRITE CELEBRATION.

You can view the teacher performance below.  Congratulations,  Kennedy, on being a JUST RIGHT JUST WRITE author!


Kennedy VanderStel

“Mmmmmm,” I muttered dreamily batting my eyelashes on my chocolate brown eyes. “Slurp, slip,” The sauceified noodles blurted slapping my cheeks, dripping down and making lava red splatter marks on the dinner table.
“Good spaghetti Mom,” I fluttered with my mouth full of delicious wonder.
“Yeah, it’s really good Karman,” cheerfully added my friend Mikayla.
“Thanks,” Mom remarked.
“Can we go swimming in bathtub?” I asked. “Sure I’ll go get your bathing suits,” My mom said charging downstairs like a bull, wasting no time to grab them.
“Grupple, grupple,” spewed the drooping faucet, as it erupted, rapidly filling up the bathtub.
“Let’s go through the checklist,” I said in a commander voice.
“Okay,” Mikayla agreed.
“Rubber ducky?”
“Bathing suits,”
“Uh, check,”
“Okay seriously. Who wrote this list? A bathtub really of course there’s a bathtub!”
“One, Two, Three,” We exaggerated gliding into the bathtub.
“Ssssssssssss,” the soapy water SIZZLED as I sunk down drowning all my feelings and thoughts letting them soak into the crystal, clear bubbles that floated up to my neck.
“Hey, Kennedy look,” Mikayla scrambled. “I’m Santa Clause,” she announced putting soapy liquid bubbles on her chin and hair trying to mimic Santa Clause, but not really succeeding.

“That’s funny,” I replied starting to tip my head upside down and flattening it on top of my head!
“I’m George Washington, your first  president, now respect me,” I insisted giggling. “Yeah, I can see the resemblance between you two,” Mikayla mocked.
“That was so funny I forgot to laugh,” I mocked back, though she didn’t seem offended.
I gulped in an Enormous gulp when some bubbles dribbled down my throat.
I started coughing, but not just any cough, I was choking! ‘This is it I’m done for,’ I thought. I felt the bubbles cringe my throat strangling me, collecting together, linking arms, forming a stop in my breathing.
Finally, I knew I had to regurgitate the bubbles up, if I wanted to live, which I did. I felt a little touch on my back it was Mikayla helping me get the clogging object out of my throat passage.
“It’s okay Kenz,” Mikayla comforted with her special, warm smile on her face.
‘I shouldn’t have mocked George Washington’ I thought hopelessly. All of a sudden everything got dizzy.
The good news was I got the bubbles out, but the bad news was I threw up all of my ‘delicious wonder’ (spaghetti) into the sink. So from now on I will never ever mock George Washington EVER again!