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Thank you for your donations!

We made the shout out for gently used DVD players and recess balls and we were heard!  Many thanks to everyone who donated.  I am happy to tell you that all dvd players are in use in classrooms and the recess balls in use on the playgrounds.

We are in need of a few more items.  If you have any of these gently used items around, we would very much appreciate the donation.

DUPLO BLOCKS FOR THE LEGO TABLES:  We are short on duplo blocks for our PK/K classrooms.  This is a station rotation for our learning periods.  If you have any of these in your home that you no longer use, we would be thrilled to give them a home.




We would love to have one or two of these on hand for our students who have limited mobility for playground equipment.  If you have one that you would like to donate, we would be thrilled.