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Our Final Summer Library Day is…

tomorrow, August 9!

summer lib hrs

We will be open from 10am – 12 pm.   This will be a drop off day…not a check out day.  Because it is our last day, no new books will be checked out.

If you are a first grader in Miss Chrisman’s room, please come to the library to meet your teacher on this day!  She is coming in to help check-in books and would love to say hello to her first grade students.

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The Library is Open!

summer lib hrs


On Tuesday, July 26 our library will be open from 10am – 12 pm.   We would love to see you and help you discover some good reads for these hot summer days!

Mrs. Quigley, Mrs. Burdis and Mrs. Stadt will be greeting readers and checking books in and out.

Here are photos of a few summer readers:

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They read HOW many words?


Look at the photo above.  Pictured are students in grades 3-5, Chloe, Quinn, Matthew, Ezra, Cam and Hunter.  If you had to guess how many words they have EACH read in the past few months, would you say:

  • 6000
  • 420.003
  • 560,321
  • 1,000,000
  • If your answer was #4, ONE MILLION WORDS, you are correct!

    Each of these Georgetown students has read 1,000,000 words earning them a place in the honorable and highly sought after GEORGETOWN MILLIONAIRES CLUB.  This CLUB was initiated last year with 12 voracious readers who were awarded t-shirts and certificates at the end of the 2009-10 school year.  Please note that Matthew Lawrence has now read 2,000,000 words…and rumor has it that he is closing in on another million!

    I thought it would be a great idea to get a photo in the library with these readers surrounded by the books they consume.  However, each time I asked them to say “CHEESE”, one or more had their faces looking into an open book!


    This year they will each sign out the PTC donated NOOK e-reader with a story of their choice. The NOOK will then make it’s way from millionaire to millionaire to millionaire.  We hope these readers can provide feedback on the value of adding more e-readers to our school library in the future.

    And for those of you who think it is impossible to read one million words, YOU CAN SAY THAT NO MORE!  Mrs. VandenBerg tracks in school reading for those who do book blogs, reading counts quizzes and other projects for reading.  You can also keep track of your reading at home by using a form created by Mrs. VandenBerg.  You can print this form and complete it at home:  Million word club.

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    It was a snow day for students and teachers today, but not for principals and custodians.   I was busy doing things like reports, meeting notes and paper sorting while Mr. Rob was plowing tons and tons of snow.

    When I walked by the library, I saw this scene which I have titled, “LET ME SEE!”


    I stepped inside the room and followed their gaze to the library window.  I understood why the Eagle’s Nest Child Care children were clamoring for a view.  The library windows had become a WALL OF SNOW!

    Mrs. VandenBerg is in for a huge surprise when she walks into the library tomorrow morning.   As you walk by the library, you will be able to see the wall for yourself.   And, if you forget tomorrow, no worries…I have a feeling it will take awhile to melt!

    *Many thanks to Drew who agreed to be my “wall of snow” model!

    I think he did a fabulous job.

    Wall of snow

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    Check Out Our Book Blogs!

    As a part of our school-wide reading program, we provide time for our students to read everyBB2 day.  We also provide books that are just right in terms of level, interest and genre.  The teachers work closely with Mrs. VandenBerg, our librarian, to match books to readers and to motivate readers to READ MORE.

    BB1Mrs. VandenBerg has been instrumental is encouraging readers to share their reviews of books through book blogs.  Each reader is encouraged to write a short review of the book.  This review is posted to the library blog and on the classroom teacher’s blog.

    Readers who are interested in earning points toward Reading Counts goals can chose this option over taking tests for points.  Readers who aren’t interested in earning points but want to share a great book to read, select book blogging as an option.  Many teachers have clarified this goal on their blogs.

    Our goal at Georgetown is simple:


    The ability to read and write provides the ultimate foundation for doing well across all content areas and prepares our learners for their future!

    The books in our library, classrooms and guided book room continue to grow with support from our PARENT CLUB (which we could not live happily without), parent donations and district curriculum support.

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    Want to be a Millionaire?

    If you have ever dreamed of being a millionaire, now is your chance.  All students will have the opportunity to become a member of this club if they succeed in reading for 1,000,000 words this school year.  Million Words Back

    Million Words Front

    As a member of the MILLION WORDs club, each member will have their name on the MILLIONAIRE’s BOARD (display case in our rotunda) and receive a very cool, totally awesome t-shirt.  Each student must keep track of the total words read on this form:  Million word club form.

    Completed forms are turned into Mrs. VandenBerg (Librarian), our school librarian.

    Links to help you calculate words in books are found on the right under READING COUNTs.  Quick links can be found here:  Ren Learningand   Scholastic e-Catalog.