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Extra Credit Snow Day Reading

Snow day readers: Nora (2-CG), Lorenzo (4-CB), Caleb (2-CG), Aiden (4-CB)

Tired of these snow days?  Missing that great feeling of LEARNING at SCHOOL?  If so, find a book and start some snow day reading.   Send an email to Mrs. Reagan ( or your teacher with the title of the book — feel free to send a photo, too.  Every time you send me a photo of a book,  I will give you an extra 200 words toward your millionaire word count.  Each book you read counts for 200 words.

You will also get your name added to the end of the year READING COUNTS prize drawing.  Every time you finish a book this year, your name is added…so this is a snow day bonus.

Be safe…stay warm and happy reading!


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Snow Sleeper

If you were driving around today and saw a first grade boy sleeping in the snow, it was probably Lorenzo!  He worked up such a sweat playing and building with his brother and friends,  he simply had to take a nap.


Hope your second snow day has gone well!  Mr. Rob has been very, very, VERY busy plowing the parking lot, playgrounds and the walkways.  When he was done at Georgetown, he had to take his plow to the other schools to help them get the snow moved.

Get a good nights rest…and remember to wear your PJ’s to school tomorrow!

Mrs. Reagan