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October 8-12 Highlights

The weekend weather was a reminder of the damp, chilly days autumn in Michigan is known for.

As the weather gets cooler, our LOST & FOUND grows with sweatshirts, jackets and other outwear accessories.  If your child is missing a sweatshirt remind them to search in this order:

  1. Backpack
  2. Bottom of locker
  3. Lost and Found  (located on tables across from the library).


This week’s highlight include MEAP testing for our children in grades 3, 4 and 5.  For those of

you who follow education in the news, these scores are used to ranks schools statewide and also determine ongoing support via funding and/or sanctions.

The pressure on teachers is tremendous.   While we work diligently to improve our instruction for all learners AND to prepare our students for these tests, we also believe it is critically important foster a climate that encourages all our learners do their best on all learning activities, including the MEAP tests.

If you child is in grades 3-5, suport them with a healthy snack each day and words of encouragement.  We are proud of them and their focus on these grueling days.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Reagan



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Conferences and Lost & Found

reportcardWe completed our first night of Parent/Teacher Conferences on Monday. This was one of our busiest nights of the week, with most teachers meeting with parents until 8:30 or 9:00 pm.

Thank you for attending and participating in this very important event.  Your perspective on your child’s learning and social/emotional growth is so very important to us.

We look forward to seeing more parents over the next two nights.lostfound While you are walking to and from the classrooms, please look through the lost and found tables which are located across from the library entrance.  There are many items on these tables and we would love to match them with their rightful owners!

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The Week Ahead-March 8, 2010

The second week in March brings PK/K Round Up, field trips for select classrooms and more mild weather!   The mild weather means many things to a school staff, including but not limited to the following:

  • Joy
  • Decrease in winter viruses
  • Increase in lost and found items

Our lost and found is overflowing with LOST items, and the onset of mild weather will mean that it will grow as students wear their jackets/sweatshirts outside for recess…and then peel them off while playing.   We will be donating left over winter items to a local agency the first week of April.  Please make sure you have your child check for any missing items before spring break arrives.

Finally, our annual talent show will be held on the Thursday before spring break!  If you have a 3rd-5th grader who is interested in participating, check out the GOT TALENT post.

Here’s a snap shot of the week ahead!


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‘Twas the week before vacation…

And all through the school, the children were learning and the teachers were cool.

Having used up all my poetic ability in the copy change above, I will now get to the week’s events.  It will be a very busy week, with teachers finishing up units of study, children counting down the days until vacation, holiday parties held Thursday and Friday, and our Holiday Concert Scheduled for Thursday at 7 pm. In addition, we will wrap up our Reading Counts for the first half of this year.

If you are in the building this week, please be sure to check out the lost and found table in the rotunda.  There are snow pants, jackets, sweatshirts, and many pairs of hats–mittens–and gloves.    We would love to get our lost items matched up with their owners before vacation begins.

Here’s to a great week ahead!  Mrs. Reagan

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