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Snow Day Fun

What did you do on your snow day?  Did you make a snowman?  A snow angel?  Go sledding?   I shoveled a dog run path in the backyard for Cooper — who stands 12 inches tall.  Without a path, he will disappear ten inches of snow.

I received two fun snow day photos from Leah (Mrs. Quigley’s Class) and Lucas (Mrs. Bohl’s Class) …and you can see what they did on their snow day!  This was perfect snow for play.

If you have a photo of your snow day play, send it to me and I will share it on the blog!

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Lucas…the Perfect Final Lunch!

I was privileged to have my final Time and Talent Lunch Out today with Lucas!  You are not going to believe this…we had lunch at Mr. Burger.  This has been the most popular lunch destination with 4 out of 5 lunches at Mr. Burger.  Lucas is a double cheese burger lover and, this is my favorite part, A BROWNIE LOVER!  We had a wonderful time talking about our upcoming Thanksgiving gatherings.  He is looking forward to seeing his Grandma, going to a movie (I vote for the 3-D movie) and hanging out with friends. 

I had a wonderful time with all five of my lunch guests!  Many thanks to all the parents who donated money so that I could have the pleasure of lunching with your children.  And best of all, the money goes toward the Grace Thatcher Scholarship Fund.