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have been read this year by all of our students combined.  Thirteen of our students read 1,000,000 words each this year.  They are Hannah Applebee, August VanDam, Nathan Conkel, Masen Kuieck, Reese Pell, Quinn Baar, Chloe Patrick, Annabel Owen, Ryan Mahoney, Skyler VanAntwerp, Luke Ellermets, Anna Haseley, Ashlee VanAntwerp

Jacob Bouma read 2,000,000 words and Matthew Lawrence read 3,000,000 words.  All 15 of these students are officially MILLION WORD CLUB MEMBERS.  Each received a certificate and a MILLION WORD SHIRT.

It is important to note that Matthew and Ryan have read at least one million words per year since 2009; August, Olivia and Chloe have been members since 2010.  I really believe that words are like air for them:  They need them to LIVE!