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PTC Minutes, March 10, 2011

May 3, 2011 Election/Bond Vote

Nick Ceglarek & Art Bolt reviewed the Bond Proposal for the Bond Vote scheduled for May 3, 2011.    This plan is based on a 5-year projection for growth.  Proposal includes:

  • New 9+ building next to the current High School.
  • This building could sustain as its “own” high school in the future, but we are not there yet.
  • New South Elem. Building off of Greenly
  • New Competition Pool & Fine Arts Center
  • New Transportation Facility
  • Current Freshman Campus to become an Early Childhood Center
  • Tech. Upgrades
  • Upgrades to Athletic Facilities

No MIL increase with this proposal – 7MIL rate stays the same

May 3 Bond/Election Ballot Items:

  • Operating Millage Renew-Need a YES
  • Bond Proposal Request- Need a YES
  • School Board Members

Occupancy Time:

  • New South Building:  Fall 2013
  • New 9+ Building:  Fall 2014/2015
  • ECC Building:  Fall 2015

There is serious concern with the Governor’s proposed budget cuts for K-12.  This proposal would put our district into possible crisis mode.  A call was put out to contact our Representatives today!  If you are interested in finding out about these issues, please visit:

GRPress: 3/12/11 Snyder’s Budget Impact Hits Locally

Sen Whitmer Says NO!

MSNBC:  Michigan Creates Crisis

Snyder’s Proposals Problematic for Schools

Updates from Mrs. Regan:

  • 3rd & 5th graders are taking part in the CoGAT Testing
  • MEAP Scores are back.  The Students did very well!
  • Kindergarten Round-up took place.   Currently we have 105 new Kindergarten and Pre-K students registered.  Approximately half the group consists of first timers.
  • Georgetown had 99% participation for teacher conferences.  Way to go teachers and parents!

Upcoming dates:

  • Just Write Celebration in May.  See school calendar on blog to the right.
  • Liverpool will be sending 16 Student Teachers again this year:  May 16-23.
  • Raey Guang Visit, May 1.

Budget Review:

  • Basket Raffles raised $1,800.00 dollars.  The monies will be going to the teachers this year.
  • Pizza Nights raised $1,152.00 dollars
  • We came out ahead on the Father/Daughter Dance
  • The Popcorn Friday’s fund is almost depleted

Old Business:

  • Basket Raffles did better than anticipated.  Teachers will each be receiving Stipends from the monies raised.
  • Father/Daughter Dance went really well.  Better turn out than expected, but we could have used more volunteers.
  • Family Donation raised $2,665.00 for the family and they have received a check already!
  • Box Tops turned in $576.00 dollars and $60.00 in Spartan labels.  Classroom winners wer
  • Mr. Jurewicz, Mrs. Quigley, Mr. Bowen:  Each of these classes earns a special party.

New Business:

  • Book Fair is March 14-18.  More volunteers are still needed yet.  This year we are also offering an online fair!
  • Holiday Gift Shop dates are set for next year, Nov.28 – Dec. 2nd.  We need a new Chairperson for this event.  Fun Services will be used again also for this event.
  • Spring Carnival is on Friday, May 13th.  They are planning on using the same company as last year, having pizza and a cake walk again.
  • The Mother/Son event is May 7th.  The event will have a “Rock Jam” theme.
  • Next PTC Meeting will be in May.  Board Nominations will take place as this time.  We will have some openings on the board.  You can email or call and speak with current board members to submit nominations!
  • Vitalie’s Breakfast for the 5th grade camping trip will take place on March 26th.
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PTC January Minutes

If you could not attend the January PTC Meeting, feel free to read the minutes below.

PTC Meeting notes 01-13

Our featured speaker for the March 10 meeting is Mr. Nick Ceglarek, our Superintendent.  This meeting will be held at 10 am in the MPR. Mr. Ceglarek will speak about the upcoming bond proposal and building projects—in addition to answering questions about the district strategic plan.

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Raising A Reader School Contest


We have the incredible opportunity to win $5,000 for our school library through a contest called, Raise a Reader School Challenge.  Individual readers are also eligible for great prizes.

The contest is sponsored by the International Reading Association and Parents Magazine.

Beginning March 8, students log their reading minutes as they devour books throughout the spring.  Logging of minutes continues through May 31.

We need every parent to register for this program and log in their minutes from home.  We will also record the minutes read at school.

On March 8, go to this link and register:  RAISE A READER SCHOOL CHALLENGE

If you have questions at any time, check with Mrs. VandenBerg, our school librarian, or your child’s teacher.

Thank you for doing such a great job to raise your child to be a reader and for supporting our school library!