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Lucas…the Perfect Final Lunch!

I was privileged to have my final Time and Talent Lunch Out today with Lucas!  You are not going to believe this…we had lunch at Mr. Burger.  This has been the most popular lunch destination with 4 out of 5 lunches at Mr. Burger.  Lucas is a double cheese burger lover and, this is my favorite part, A BROWNIE LOVER!  We had a wonderful time talking about our upcoming Thanksgiving gatherings.  He is looking forward to seeing his Grandma, going to a movie (I vote for the 3-D movie) and hanging out with friends. 

I had a wonderful time with all five of my lunch guests!  Many thanks to all the parents who donated money so that I could have the pleasure of lunching with your children.  And best of all, the money goes toward the Grace Thatcher Scholarship Fund.


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Lunch with Nicholas

I had a terrific lunch with Nicholas, one of the Time and Talent Lunch Winners.  We lunched at Mr. Burger and talked about puppies, toys and Star Wars.  I found out that Nicholas has a huge Christmas list with the most unusual request I have ever heard.  He would like a dragon.  I told him that I have never heard of anyone wanting a dragon, and that if he receives this at a gift, I would like to borrow it!  Nicholas does have a cute dog named Weston who I think might be jealous of a dragon!

Nicholas is a bright, animated and personable second grader.  He even missed the first snow recess to have lunch with me.  Thank you, Nicholas!

To see the most updated slide show of the Time and Talent Lunch Winners, click the screen below.


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Lunch with Mrs. Reagan

I have had two wonderful lunches this week and if you know anything about my horrific eating habits during the work week, this is a incredible!

Five Georgetown students were the highest bidders for our Time and Talent Auction.  Winners receive lunch out with the principal, to a local restaurant of their choice.

On Monday, November 17, I ate lunch with Sophie.  She is a second grade student in Mrs. Quigley’s classroom.  If you have not yet met Sophie, you need to look for a strawberry blond girl with twinkling eyes and dimples.  She selected Mr. Burger for lunch!  While she ate her potato soup and crackers, she told me that she likes to play tennis.  Sophie also told me about her upcoming birthday (just 8 days before Christmas) and list of hoped for presents.  I have a birthday near the holidays (7 days after Christmas), so we talked about how great it is to get all those presents so close together!

On Tuesday, November 18, I had the pleasure of eating lunch with a very smart and imaginative first grader named Gerrit.  He selected McDonald’s for lunch, and being a french fry lover, I was thrilled.  While he ate his chicken nuggets and apple dippers, we talked about movies and toys.  Gerrit has convinced me to see Madagascar 2 and reminded me how much fun it can be to play with legos—especially if you have a cool big sister who likes to play with you.  Gerrit shared with me that he wants to be an inventor when he grows up.  Hearing this, I shared a couple of ideas with him hoping that he would remember to call me when he is rich and famous someday!   

To see photos of my first two lunches, just click below: