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What is your favorite sound?


Georgetown is a very special place that is growing and changing all the time!  Each year, we welcome new teachers and new students.  During our before school meeting days, I met with a new teacher to our building and learned a few special things about her.   Read these clues and see if you can figure out who she might be.

  • As a child, she loved to eat pizza.
  • Her favorite color is green.
  • She loves the sound of waves.
  • If she could learn to do anything, she would learn how to drive a stick shift!   Why does she want to learn how to drive a stick shift?  Because all the cool sports cars have stick shifts.
  • If she wrote a story about herself, it would be called, “God Has a Sense of Humor.”

Who is this person?  Her name is Mrs. VanHaitsma, our new teacher for English Language Learners.

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