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With snow just around the corner, the food service program
would like to remind parents and students about what will
happen if school is closed due to weather. If the district is
closed, the menu that was supposed to be served on the snow
day will be moved to the next school day. An example: if
school is canceled on Tuesday due to weather, Tuesday’s
menu will be served on Wednesday and the menu that was
scheduled for Wednesday will be completely canceled.
Because of our computer lunch account system, there will be
no need to issue credits and your student will still be able to
order a lunch if they need one. The only exception to this
policy is if school is canceled on Friday. In this case, Friday’s
menu will be completely canceled and we will continue with
the regular menu on Monday. Information on what menu will
be served on the day you return will be available on the food
service web page at Please feel free to
contact the food service department at 457-2400 if you have
any questions or are unsure of what the menu will be. Thank
you! -Stacey L. Wykoski, Food Service Director


Just a friendly reminder from the office……..  PLEASE remember to send a note in the morning to your child’s teacher if you will be picking them up at the end of the day. The office is very busy towards the end of the day and it can be very hard to contact the teachers about end of the day changes due to the students being at specials and the teachers getting ready for the buses.  Thankk you for your consideration in this matter!

Have a great day!

Mrs. Nurenberg  : )

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Notes from the Office

Mrs. Nurenberg and Mrs. Ripley (our two fabulous, incredible administrative assistants) have some items to pass along:


• Prompt After School Pick Up for Car Riders:  Please remember to be prompt and considerate when picking up your students after school.  We have been having some issues with students not being picked up on time after school.   All students should be picked up by 3:45.  Thank you for your help with this!  We really appreciate it!!

• Changes in After-School Transportation for Bus Riders:  If your child does not have a note explaining changes in going home procedures, your child will be put on the bus as usual or sent home in their usual manner.  Please for your children’s safety and confusion here at school send a note for any alternative plans after school.

Mrs. Ripley and Mrs. Nurenberg thank you for your help with these matters.