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Presidential Inauguration, 2009

Our country is amazing in that we can peacefully transfer presidential power from president (George W. Bush) to the Barack Obama, one party to another in the midst of millions of celebratory people within a few hours! Today, January 20, 2009, the United States of America welcomed it’s 44th PresidentBarack Obama, to the highest position of power in our great and free country.

At our school, students and teachers watched the event, witnessing an event as great as Constitution Day, which we just honored this past semester.  These discussion were poignant in that teachers modeled political party affiliation was not the focus of this event.  The focus of the learning experience:  Living in a great country with unimaginable freedoms and rights.   Please note that the soundtrack, though not patriotic, is symbolic of the city that President Obama has resided in for the past several years, Chicago, Illinois! Enjoy the sounds of Blowin’ in from Chicago!