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Recess Games: A Great Success!

Recess GamesOver the past two weeks, we have taught all PK-5th grade students a series of games that can be played during recess periods either outside or inside–depending on the weather.  The goal of these games is to provide many opportunities for healthy sharing, interaction and PLAY.

Some children do not want to play traditional games such as football, soccer, hopscotch and jump rope.  Yet, they want to interact with others and don’t know how. These games are designed to give children common games to play that can be with one, two or several other friends.

At the conclusion of each day of “gaming”, the children were asked to share words or phrases that represented recess at Georgetown.  These words were combined into a WORDLE poster (above) by Mrs. Jurewicz.   It is her team (members shown below in the group photo) that organized these events.  They truly made these “recess learning days” possible for all of us.

Recess TeamCurt Kooiker, Mike Gort, Jamie Kooiker, Rachel Stadt, Ann McDonald, Chris Bowen, Amy Jurewicz

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Recess Game Day

We trained our entire school on the Trouble Free Playground Games today!  We had this event planned for September of this year, however, the weather did not cooperate with us.  After rescheduling the event three times, we finally settled for holding this event in the spring.

This past summer, eight staff members took on the task of reading the book, TROUBLE FREE PLAYGROUND. We introduced four games today, and we will be introducing two more this spring.  In the fall of 2009, we will open the school year with a field day designed around these games and MORE new games.  Our hope is to have a playground with ALL types of games for children to play, year round.  We welcome your feedback!

Many thanks to Mrs. Jurewicz for her outstanding leadership and implementation of these games.

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2009: Off and Running…

…or is that slipping and sliding?!  With this crazy weather we are having (melt, freeze, rain, slush, snow, freeze) we never know what our playground is going to look like!  Currently, we are dealing with icy patches in many different locations.  And, isn’t it curious how our children are attracted to the ice like metal to magnets?!

Please know that we are doing our very best to make the playground safe by not allowing children to play in certain areas due to the ice.  It is not possible to salt or sand all of these patches (our playground is very large–and with the wind, the salt/sand treatment often does not work.  We are hoping for an inch or two of snow to coat the ice and make it safer for everyone.

Mrs. Reagan