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Ice Cream with Isabella

Isabella Icecream

I saved my last silent auction student time for 3:00 Tuesday because I knew it would be extra-special.   I had already had the pleasure of working with Matthew as Principal for the Half Day Lunch with CJ, and Recess Power to Spencer.

Isabella, one of the sweetest first graders in the universe, wanted to have ice cream with me at WHAT’S Isabella ice creamTHE SCOOP, the happening ice cream shop not far from our school.  While eating a blue birthday cake ice cream cone, Isabella told me that this was a time she would always remember.   At that moment, I knew I was with one special girl and we settled in to the red booth for great conversation about our favorite things.  We shared our favorite colors, friends, and flowers to name a few.  We talked about our birthdays and our families.  We talked and giggled so much that were a wee bit late getting back to Georgetown…but still made it on time!

Thank you Isabella for making this time one that I will forever remember.  And, of course many thanks to Isabella’s parents for making this possible with their donation to the silent auction.

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Friday update from Mr. Lawrence

I would like to introduce myself.My name is Matthew Lawrence and I won principal for half the day. I was the top bidder for the silent auction for this item.  (THANKS MOM AND DAD!)

Please know that the fourth graders got of on their field trip. Because of the rain we had to make arrangements for them to go to a Youth Group Activity Center at Christ Memorial Church.  It was a crazy start to the day, but we all worked together to figure it out.

Mrs. Reagan had me introduce myself to the school at 9:15.  I used the school intercom service for this.  I signed all the purchase requisitions, uploaded camp photos (Mrs. Reagan visited yesterday) and learned how to use the 2 way radio.

At 10:10, I called into Miss VanArkel’s classroom to call a 1o minute indoor recess.  I figured that if I am a third grader in this room and the principal, that the class should have some fun, too.

I have to now go to put postings for new teaching positions on the staff board.  None of these are for our school, but they have to be posted at all the schools.

Have a good day and Happy Friday!

Mr.  Lawrence

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First Grade ROCKS!

Can I just say this, “THE FIRST GRADERS AT GEORGETOWN ROCK!” I am the luckiest principal in the world because I get to listen to first graders read every week.   For those of you who have forgotten how much brain power it takes to read, try to read to the principal after lunch!

This past week, I had the honor of spending an hour PLUS a few extra minutes teaching Mrs. Stadt’s first grade class. They won the prize for the October Blog Scavenger Hunt. As winners of this most sought after prize, Mrs. Stadt got to work on “teacher stuff” and I got to teach the first graders “principal stuff.”

I picked up Mrs. Stadt’s class after lunch, and while she was looking the other way, we disappeared into a secret location. (My contract does not allow me to disclose this information on the blog.  To find out, you must interview a first grade student from Room 106.)

Once we landed back in the classroom, we got down to very serious work.  We reviewed the principal’s job description which includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  1. Making announcements
  2. Helping kids who are sick
  3. Helping kids who are hurt
  4. Making sure kids are nice (and teacher’s too)
  5. Keeping the building safe
  6. Heating and cooling the school
  7. Buying food for kids to eat
  8. Helping teachers teach
  9. Buying crayons and post it notes
  10. Making calls on the 2-way radio

Once this was done, I demonstrated how the 2-way works -assisted by Mrs. VandenBerg who was in the office.  Each student then received the BEST EVER principal supply kit:  a notepad for lists (principal must have), small post-it notes (memory keepers), washable marker (for the principal who always writes notes on her hand) and a very cool paper clip.

NEXT, each first grader wrote in their very best first grade spelling “IF I WERE THE PRINCIPAL, I WOULD….” I expected responses like “give extra recesses to all the kids”  or  “make no homework the rule”  but instead, these first graders wrote about wanting to BE NICE to others, make sure everyone had food for lunch, and help kids make friends on the playground.  Each one of these students can feel free to list me on their resumes when they apply for their first principal job!

We took our very special writing projects down to the copy room where each child made two copies—one for me and one for them–on our GINORMOUS copy machine. Following this, we headed over to the conference room for an important meeting (see the principal thinking faces below), toured the principal’s office (where we picked up a special snack) and then headed to Art Class…a wee bit late.

After Art Class, I took the principal’s in training for a WELL DESERVED break in the teacher’s lounge. I delivered the first graders back to the classroom in time for them to complete agendas and pack up for the day.