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Volunteer Help Is Needed

The Georgetown Elementary’s Reading Counts program helps to encourage students to read and awards students who achieved their reading goals with a celebration party. The Reading Counts Party is Friday, May 15th and volunteers are still needed for many open times. May is a very busy time of year for everyone, but if you could help with the 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade parties, please let me know.  A volunteer list with all open times can be found here:  ReadingCounts

The Reading Counts Parties are great way to show our students that they did an outstanding job in
reaching their reading goals; however, the parties are only successful with the help of many volunteers. Please contact Angie Roon if you or even a friend would be available to help with the last party of the school year!

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Reading Counts…Spring

From Angie Roon, Reading Counts Chair:

The end of this marking period is May 6.  And, as you know our Georgetown students are working hard to make their reading counts goal to be eligible to attend the last Reading Counts celebration for this school year.  Over 80 students have already made their goal and that is even before Spring Break!  Way to go!!  For those students who are still working toward your goal, there is no need to worry because there is still time to read more books and take more quizzes.  Stay tuned…a VERY FUN Reading Counts party is coming on Friday, May 15.

Keep reading Georgetown students!!

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Reading Counts Rocks!

From Angie Roon, Reading Counts’ Chair: I just can’t believe that it is already March and that a second Reading Counts party is already over!  Educators from the Public Museum of Grand Rapids shared lots of cool information about space with our students. Students watched a short video that included many remarkable pictures that were taken from space. They were fascinated with being able to touch a meteorite, a melted meteorite, a solar part of a space shuttle, and to see several personal items from our local astronaut hero, Roger B. Chaffee. They were amazed to learn satellites are used for communication. The students were excited to be able to sample dehydrated food just like the astronauts had in space! You would be as surprised as the students to learn why astronauts eat tortillas in space—Just ask your child for the answer!

The next Reading Counts celebration will be May 15 and Kelly Keur has already changed the bulletin board for the theme: ocean life. It will be fun watching the “fish” swim across the board to show 100% of each student’s goal.

Our Reading Counts parties are only successful because of the help from wonderful parents and volunteers. Thank you, parents and volunteers, for your time and your help! (Staci Niebor, Michelle Hinken, Rhonda Fabbro, Shawna Brandt, Michelle Wierenga, Michele DeWinter, Shelly Telfor, Kelly Bartz, and Kelly Keur)

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Reading Counts Party: March 13

From Angie Roon, our PTC Reading Counts Chairperson:  On Friday, March 13th there will be 297 students who have reached their Reading Counts goal for this marking period and will be attending the Reading Counts “Outer Space” Party!  Congratulations!

These students will enjoy a special “outer space” presentation by the Grand Rapids Public Museum literacy program called, Read and Connect. This special presentation will include having the museum’s historical interpreter dressed in full costume as astronaut, Sally Ride.  Students will even be able to touch a piece of the thermal panel from an actual space shuttle, a tektite and a meteorite. Plus, they will be able to see some personal items of our local astronaut hero, Roger B. Chaffee. Lastly, students will be able to sample food that the astronauts would have when they are in outer space!  (NOTE: A copy of the full ingredients on each packet of the astronaut food that will be tested by the students will be available.) A special thank you to the GR Public Museum for providing this program to schools like ours!

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Growing Our Reading Count Quiz Collections!

With help from our Parent Club, we continue to grow our Scholastic Reading Counts quiz collection and our library book collection.  As of today, we now have 44,191 quizzes available–an amazing feat for just our 3rd year together.

We have been able to build an amazing collection of books, quizzes and a motivational reading program due to support from you, the parents who support us through the PTC and volunteer efforts.  Many thanks to all of you for all you do to help us grow your children into readers!

Mrs. Reagan and Mrs. VandenBerg (librarian)

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The stars are coming out!


An Update from Mrs. Roon, our Reading Counts Chairperson:

The Reading Counts bulletin board is full of stars!!  Remember, the last day the students can make their goal is Friday, February 27. 

Party plans are in the making! The students will be “launching” into outer space for the next Reading Counts Party on Friday, March 13.  Watch for more party details, but at this time aluminum foil, thin mylar ribbon, and regular ribbon are items needed for the party. If you can donate any of these items, they can be dropped off at the library or sent in with your child.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and for helping to make this party a success!


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Reading ROCKS!

It is hard to believe the first Reading Counts party is already over!  The students had fun at the various stations which included playing games, making their very own pet rock, watching a cool science experiment with paper mache volcanoes made by Staci Niebor, and having a healthy snack of trail mix. The parties in the afternoon truly enjoyed our special guest, Jonny Nelson, talk about interesting facts on mountain climbing.  At the end of the party, each student received rock candy as a special treat for all their hard work. Good job students of Georgetown Elementary for achieving your 100% Reading Counts goal! Video below…


The Reading Counts celebration certainly would not have been possible without help from all the wonderful parents, staff, and many others who took time out of their busy schedules to be volunteers.  Thank you to the volunteers for all your help to make this celebration a true success!

Mark your calendars! The next celebration will be Friday, March 13, 2009.  Kelly Keur and Kelly Barz has changed the bulletin board to the solar system!  Be sure to watch as the “stars” go across the board marking the 100% of each student’s goal.   Mrs. Roon, Reading Counts Chairperson

Many thanks to Mrs. Roon and all the volunteers…and Mrs. VandenBerg, From Mrs. Reagan

Invaluable Volunteers:  Kari King, Randy Hinken, Michelle Hinken, Julia Lyon, Erica Segard, Amy Gosset, Julie Peterson, Liz Fetkenhour, Cindy Tiesman, Mrs. Boersma, Michele DeWinter, Margaret Applebee, Janet Stark, Staci Niebor (who made 17 volcanoes), Mrs. Bouwens, Michelle Wierenga, Shellie Martinie, Angel Truman, Regina Smith, Lori Wilson, Kelly Keur (who made the mountain bulletin board), Mrs. Flory, Mrs. McDonald, Lisa Mulder, Jamie Ham, Christine OConnell, Kelly Ford, Jacki Boeve, Pam Eggers, Kelly Barz, Jennifer Conkel, Tonya Byers, Julie Randolph, Jonny Nelson (our mountain climber)!