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And the winners are…

Mrs. Boeve, Samantha and Grace!

I would like to congratulate the winners of our Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt contest!   A huge shout out to Mrs. Boeve, a parent and paraprofessional in our building, was the very first parent to take the challenge on.  She responded with a perfect 100% less than 12 hours after I posted the challenge.  Go, Mrs. Boeve!

Our first non-blogging student to complete the blog was Samantha, in Mrs. Veldman’s first grade classroom.  With assistance from her mom, Samantha visited every student blog and found all the letters to the word “valentine”.  Great work, Samantha!  You and I will have lunch together later this week.  I will stop by your classroom so that you can pick the day and location–and of course, we will get permission from your parents as well.

And…a drumroll please, our first student blogger to complete the hunt is Grace, a 5th graders and awesome blogger!  Grace commented that it took her a long time to find all the hidden letters, but she stuck with the task.  Excellent work, Grace! I will stop by your classroom later this week to schedule our lunch as well.

If you still want to take on the challenge, it is open to anyone.  No more lunches being offered up for this contest, however.  Saving those for the next incentive I dream up!  Mrs. Reagan