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Georgetown has been a hum of activity for the past four weeks.  Mr. Rob, our SUPER custodian and his team of SUPER custodians have cleaned and polished every surface.  They have also been busy moving teachers to new spaces and setting up equipment and furniture for learners of all ages.

During the open houses on Tuesday and Wednesday, visiting children and their families were able to see all the work we have been doing to prepare every single room for the new year.  It was great to see all of you….and truly, we can’t wait to have the building filled with the buzz of learning and friendship again.

New this year:

  • Sensory Motor Room located off the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room)
  • Resource Room located in room 410 (next to the library)
  • C.O.W. = Computers on Wheels (A laptop cart that will move from room to room to support learning through technology)
  • ALL DAY EVERY DAY K with Mrs. Bohl, Mrs. Estefan, Mrs. Iwema and Ms. Yankee
  • School Wide Focus on Hallway Climate:  4 S’s:  Single Lines, Silent Walkers, Still Hands…and hopefully some Smiles
  • School Wide Focus on Anti-Bullying:  BE MORE THAN A BYSTANDER.  Bullying will be defined and strategies for identifying and eliminating bullying will be modeled across all grades.

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Enjoy this video of photos for the week—district staff kick off, teacher training and open houses.

Have a fantastic LABOR DAY and we will see you Tuesday morning.  The opening school bell rings at 8:45 am!

Mrs. Reagan

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School Funding Emergency

Time is running out.  Our Governor and legislative leaders in Lansing are proposing devastating cuts to public education.  In addition to the $165 per pupil cut to all public schools, the State Budget Director has notified school leaders another $127 per pupil cut is coming in less than 30 days.  The only way this will not happen is if our Governor and legislators can agree to a funding solution addressing the revenue shortfall.  To find out how to help prevent this funding crisis, please listen to my message and visit the links here:   FUNDING CRISIS

To find out more about the history of school funding, FIVE DAYS TO FIX SCHOOL FUNDING, GR PRESS

Nicholas Ceglarek, Superintendent

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