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Week 32: April Showers Bring May Flowers

The weather forecast calls for rain everyday this week — a challenge for our children who are working hard to learn well all day long.  We will seize every possible moment between showers to provide breaks outside (walk/running the path for mileage club sticks) or inside with stretch breaks.  We are hoping that the cool, rainy spring leads to a warmer, flower filled May!

Our week opens Georgetown Artists special night at the DISTRICT ART SHOW  at Hudsonville City Hall.   The art work on display (K-12 artists) is a testament to our district art instruction and our student artists.

We wrap up our week with POPCORN DAY and Georgetown’s celebration of SECRETARY’s DAY.  We postponed our celebration because one of our secretary’s (Mrs. Ripley) was out last week.  These two professionals, Mrs. Doni Nurenberg and Mrs. Angie Ripley, are exceptionally skilled at managing the demands of the office professionally and compassionately.    We, the Georgetown staff, simply can’t imagine our school without them!

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Reagan

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