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In the News!

We have had two big events that have put Georgetown in the news in the past week.  Our PTC sponsored a mother/son Whitecaps game this past weekend which was featured on NEWS 8.

The event was a great success with beautiful weather and a good ‘ol fashion game of baseball–Whitecaps style!  Many thanks to our PTC for organizing and sponsoring this event.

The second big event was the Team Spencer Junior Race tonight followed by the RiverBank Run this weekend.  Miranda spotlighted this very special project and this will be broadcasted Friday, May 10 at 7 pm on WOTV 4.

Miranda interviews TEAM SPENCER!


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Giving Project Update

Thank you for the great response to our two special service projects:

  • Local Giving:  2 non-perishable food items for the Water of Life Pantry
  • Global Giving:  $2 each to fund solar lights for Nyaka School in Uganda

Our final day for the service projects is Friday, November 16.

The class that donates the most non-perishable items wins a bowling trip and PE CARES t-shirts.  So far, we have 900+ food items.

Every child who donates $2 receives a SPREAD A LITTLE LIGHT wrist band.  So far, we have raised enough money for 16 SOLAR LIGHTS!

Thank you for helping us with our MINDFUL GIVING SERVICE PROJECTS. By taking care of others, we develop empathy and understanding…and this helps us to be better members of the community and our world.

Mrs. Reagan


Spread A Little Light: Service Project for Nyaka School in Uganda
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Week Ahead: Parent/Teacher Conferences

We have a busy week ahead with many important activities taking place.


Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Reagan


Week 10


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Service Project: Birthday Theme Box

The Junior Girl Scout Troop 4120 is celebrating the 100th year of Girl Scouts by collecting 100 items to earn their 100 badge.  Their project “BIRTHDAY THEME BOX” will be for the Kids Food Basket which provides sack suppers to 4,800 kids every day.   The Birthday Theme Box will provide birthday supplies for each child to use on their special day.

Items needed are:

  1. Cake mixes
  2. Frosting
  3. Frosting decorating tubes
  4. 100% Juice Boxes
  5. Individual fruit cups, pudding cups and gelatin cups
  6. 100% Fruit Snacks
  7. Streamers
  8. Balloons

Please place your donation in the birthday box in the lobby of school May 1 through May 17.  .

Thank you!  Chloe Patrick

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Mrs. Q and Second Graders Walked for Water

Mrs. Quigley’s along with Joey from her class and  Jackie from Mrs. Kuieck’s class walked  for water today!  They walked  2.4 miles to get water it back to to the filters at Huizenga Park.   Why would they do this?  To develop an understanding and appreciation for people in countries like Rwanda where the average person walks 3.7 miles to get water with ‘Jerry Cans’ for the day.  Joey, Jackie and Mrs. Q tried carrying these jerry cans –and found it very hard.  They had to work together to carry one can!

They learned that in Rwanda, a child dies every 20 seconds due to water born illnesses.  TThe money that was raised today from their today walk will be used by two organizations to build water filters for many families in Rwanda.

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More Than Lip Service

If you read the Grand Rapids Press in paper form or online, you likely noticed the the catchygirl scouts title, MORE THAN LIP SERVICE on the front of the Region Section tonight.  If you missed the title, I know that the photo of Alaina and Happy caught your eye.  And, if you missed that, you have ME in your life to share it with you!

During several weeks this fall, Alaina DuPuys and Happy Bainbridge asked students and staff to donate scented chap sticks for their Girl Scout service project.  This project was tremendously successful with a collection total of 1,300 chap sticks.  Both girls earned their Bronze Badge AND learned some incredible lessons by organizing and executing this project.  The chap sticks were donated to DeVos Children’s Hospital where they are used to scent anesthesia masks for medical procedures and also to coat dry lips of children who have had multiple procedures done to get healthy again.

There are many families and students from our school that have been touched by the incredible nurses and doctors at DeVos Children’s Hospital.  This coming weekend, the hospital will re-open in an entirely new facility–designed to support children and their families even better.  A community open house will be held on December 4 for all those interested in seeing the facility and all it has to offer.

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Chapstick Donations = 1300


Many thanks to everyone who made Happy Bainbridge and Alaina Dupuy’s chapstick service project a great success.  They managed to collect  1300 chapsticks for children at DeVos Children’s Hospital. First and fourth grades won the contest, bringing in a total of 366 chapsticks.

Happy and Alaina will be delivering the chapsticks later this week.  I am sure they will be put to use immediately, bringing comfort to the young patients in surgery and in recovery.

Thank you for helping with this great project.  It not only helps the children at DeVos but also assisted the girls with receiving their Bronze Girl Scout badge.

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Chapsticks for DeVos Children’s Hospital

Happy Bainbridge and Alaina DePuys have kicked off a special service project that benefits children at DeVos Children’schapstickHospital. This project helps them to earn their Bronze Award for Girl Scouts and also supports special children in our community.  Learn more about this by watching their announcement.

Collection days are October 21, October 29 and November 5.

The team that brings in the most scented chapsticks wins an extra recess.

TEAM 1:  Grades K and 5

TEAM 2:  Grade 1 and 4

TEAM 3:  Grade 2 and 3

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Girls Who Run and Plant!

GotRGeorgetown is fortunate to have a team of parents (Elly Bainbridge and Jennifer Waters) who have voluntarily led Girls on the Run (GotR) this spring.  This program is a ” non-profit prevention program that encourages preteen girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles through running. The GotR curricula address all aspects of girls’ development – their physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being.”

Every Tuesday and Thursday for the past several weeks, they have GotR 1been meeting to train for the 5K GotR event.  In addition to the training, the team took on a service project for our school choosing to plant flowers outside our school and cleaning  up the school grounds, removing several bags of trash, sticks and rocks (and one broken bird egg) from the lawn and playground.   The team raised donations to purchase the flowers and potting soil!

If you have not yet seen the beautiful work they have done, check on these photos taken by Jennifer Waters.

Kudos to the team for training and completing the 5K Race.  And a warm thank you to all of you for the work you have done to keep our school beautiful and clean.

Rachel Shereda; Abigail Shereda; Lexi Keur; Naomi Gatling; Kelsey Gelder; Hope Assink; Emmy Norton – from Alward; Alison Vredevoogd; Cielle Waters-Umfleet; Happy Bainbridge; Kenadie Baareman; Sydney VanderKolk; Naomi Klooster; Emma Lamers; Maria Maldonado; Sydney Wieringa; Taylor Truman