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Children of Taiwan Are Wonderful!

The ADVANCE Newspaper featured Georgetown and our Taiwanese Sister School in their May 5 edition.  We are so honored to have a friendship with the teachers, children and families of Raey Guang Elementary.


Throughout the weekend, I will be photos of the host family activities as well as school day activities on the blog later this weekend.

Many thanks to these families for hosting our sister school representatives this week:  Owen, Mattingly, Baker, O’Brien, Bouwen, Brouwer, Greenlund, Conkel, Gardner, Brajkovic, Gelder, Keur and VanderStel.

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Meet our Friends in Pingtung, Taiwan!

I would like to invite you to visit our school blog that brings together two schools, thousands of miles apart: BLOGPALS. You will find an entry from our sister school, Raey Guang.  A Year Six teacher, Chia Pin Chen, created a blog post on our site.  In addition, Mr. Chia Pin Chen has also created his own class blog that has photos of some of his students.

This has taken perserverence from both schools–one that speaks English only and another that speaks Mandarin with some English.  Please visit the blog and ready entries from our sister school students.  Mrs. Reagan