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Holding Down the Fort…

solar vortex

at Georgetown!   Even though it is FREEZING COLD and WINDY and SNOWY all around Georgetown, the inside is filled with 12 super special snow bound kids:  Aiden, Kaycie, Remi, Jordan, CJ, Evan, Dylan, Rachel, Jack, Alyssa, Sofia and Talia.  They have the gym, cafeteria, library and hallways ALL TO THEMSELVES because they were here for BEFORE SCHOOL CARE due to the delay.

Although it is fun to have the school all to yourselves, we are really tired of winter and the cold and the POLAR VORTEX.  We will gladly welcome a SOLAR VORTEX of some kind or another!

Mrs. Reagan and the Eagle’s Next Childcare Team (including Miss Nancy and Miss Mandy)

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February 28: Make Up Day for Snow Days

Dear Hudsonville Families,

 Wow…what a winter we are having!  The incredible amount of snow and the extreme cold temperatures have placed a significant burden on many of our families.  Please know that school officials are out on the roads by 4:30 a.m. assessing the conditions and making a determination with students’ safety at the forefront of our decision.

 As of January 29, 2014, Hudsonville Public Schools has exhausted seven (7) days due to inclement weather.  According to the Michigan Department of Education’s Pupil Accounting Manual, Section 2.B.3:

 “The first six (6) days (or equivalent hours) of scheduled pupil instruction that is not provided because of conditions not within the control of school authorities such as severe storms, fires, health conditions, and infrastructure issues, shall be counted toward the required 1,098 hours of pupil instruction.”

 We want to communicate our district’s plan on how we are going to address making up the instructional time needed to meet state requirements and needed student instruction.  On our calendar, we have a staff records/professional development day scheduled for February 28th.  While we recognize the importance of this day, we now have extenuating circumstances that require us to make proactive adjustments to the calendar. Thus, February 28 will now be a student instructional day.  Please know we considered many calendar adjustments including mid-winter break and spring break, however, we believe the February 28th date seemed least disruptive to our families by providing advanced notification.  By adding this day, we will be in compliance with current statute.

  It is challenging to predict what the weather conditions will be in the remaining months of winter.  It is possible that we may have additional inclement weather days.  Two years ago, the Governor signed legislation that waived the minimum day requirement allowing schools to add minutes of instruction to accomplish the needed 1,098 hours of instruction.  Some speculate that with the winter we are having, this may happen again.

 If we should encounter the need for additional inclement weather days, we may begin to add minutes to the instructional day or further adjust our calendar.  We will continue to keep you posted and will notify you should this be a needed course of action.


 Nick Ceglarek, Superintendent

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Snow Day Readers and More

Reader 3My inbox is being flooded with photos of readers.  I have also gotten a few names of readers — some of them camera shy so they only want their name and book title shared.  That works for me…you get extra credit for reading on a snow day with or without a photo!

reader 5

I have received some questions from parents regarding the million words club.  Mrs. VandenBerg, our librarian, keeps a tally of the word count from year to year–it carries over.   It is possible for all kids to become MILLIONAIRES by the time they reach 5th grade…so get those book titles into school.  The information on the club can be found here:  HOW TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE.

Reader 4

Enjoy these photos of the readers….and the snow day fun.  Keep those emails coming so I can grow the extra credit list.

Mrs. Reagan

readers 6

snow day fun

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The Roads are HORRIBLE…it is VERY COLD, so that means…

Super Readers: Bethany, Milena, Melia, Josh, Seth, Marley, Joanna, Terra and Landon

tomorrow is a SNOW DAY.

Why is school closed tomorrow? (Tuesday, January 28)? Extremely dangerous cold.  In these temperatures, exposed skin can become frostbitten within thirty minutes — and why not make it three in a row, right?!

As I said in the last snow day post, KEEP YOUR LEARNING BRAIN ENGAGED and READ.  If you write down the titles of our books, these will all count toward your membership in the MILLIONAIRES CLUB.

Check out the SNOW DAY READING INCENTIVE to help keep make your snow day less boring.


Signed “REALLY REALLY really over snow days”,

Mrs. Reagan

*Not pictured above:  Kaley Mead reading Karen’s New Teacher and Jessica Mead reading Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express.

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Yes…tomorrow is another SNOW DAY.

coldWhy is school closed tomorrow? (Monday–January 27)? Extremely dangerous cold.  In these temperatures, exposed skin can become frostbitten within thirty minutes.   Some important tips for staying safe can be found on the WEATHER CHANNEL.

If you are looking for some ways to keep your learning brain engaged, READ.  If you write down the titles of our books, these will all count toward your membership in the MILLIONAIRES CLUB.

Send me a photo of you reading and I will give you 200 words as a SNOW DAY READING BONUS.  Be sure to include the book title!

Email me: or tweet @georgetownelem


Signed “REALLY really over snow days”,

Mrs. Reagan

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Snow Day

snow dayIt’s an all too familiar blog post for me:  NO SCHOOL due to hazardous roads, dangerous wind chill and lots of white stuff blowing around.

Please be careful today—and this weekend.

Feel free to send me photos with a sentence or two about your snow day activities.  I will share these on the blog.

Be safe.

Signed “over snow days”, Mrs. Reagan


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Dangerously Cold Weather: No School Tuesday

windchillDue to the dangerous wind chill levels and snow covered roads, school is cancelled on Tuesday, January 7, 2014.  Please be safe….and stay warm inside.

When school resumes, please make sure that your children have appropriate outdoor weather gear:  Hat, Scarves, Mittens, Gloves, Boots, Snowpants, Etc.   If the windchill is below zero, we will be inside for recess.

Mrs. Reagan