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Fingers Crossed for Tomorrow!

Empty Hallways during Snow Days
Empty Hallways during Snow Days

I am watching the weather right now and the forecast is for wind chills to be between -10 and zero…and maybe we could hit 4 degrees by noon!  That will feel like a HEAT WAVE!   If you haven’t been by the school since the storm began, check out these photos of the snow piles.  You have to look closely to find our school behind the white mounds.


As you can see from the photo above, it is VERY QUIET and lonely at school on snow days.  I am ready for everyone to come back so we can get into our learning routine again.   Attention everyone:  NO MORE SNOW DAY DANCES!

I have a few readers to celebrate…their photos are below.  Search the photos for an impressive fort made by David and Logan — both third graders at Georgetown.

Hoping to see you all tomorrow!

Mrs. Reagan