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Expressing Thanks for Mindful Giving

Mrs. Bohl’s Kindergarteners

On Friday, November 16 we concluded our two week period of Mindful Giving.  This special project was a school wide endeavor with a focus on donating non-perishable items for our local Water of Life Food Pantry and the donation of $2 per child to support our global project, supplying solar lights to Nyaka School in Uganda Africa.

I am happy to announce the results of our mindful giving projects.

2,391 Non-Perishable Items toward our local PE CARES project for Water of Life Pantry.

  • Winning Class:  Mrs. Walenta, Grade 5:  Bowling Trip and PE Cares T-shirts

$1,450 toward the purchase of Solar Lamps for teachers and students in Uganda.

  • Total lights earned:
  • Every student in the building received a SPARK: Spread a Little Light wrist band.
Mrs. Kuieck’s Mindful Givers


Mrs. Flory’s Mindful Givers
Mrs. Burdis’ Mindful 5th Graders
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Giving Project Update

Thank you for the great response to our two special service projects:

  • Local Giving:  2 non-perishable food items for the Water of Life Pantry
  • Global Giving:  $2 each to fund solar lights for Nyaka School in Uganda

Our final day for the service projects is Friday, November 16.

The class that donates the most non-perishable items wins a bowling trip and PE CARES t-shirts.  So far, we have 900+ food items.

Every child who donates $2 receives a SPREAD A LITTLE LIGHT wrist band.  So far, we have raised enough money for 16 SOLAR LIGHTS!

Thank you for helping us with our MINDFUL GIVING SERVICE PROJECTS. By taking care of others, we develop empathy and understanding…and this helps us to be better members of the community and our world.

Mrs. Reagan


Spread A Little Light: Service Project for Nyaka School in Uganda