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Summer Fun with Molly and Lucy

The summer flew by because I was trying to keep up with my busy little girls! The heat never phased them and Lucy insisted on spending as much time as possible “ahside” (outside) on her “sings” (swing).

Our little trooper Molly kept right up with her big sister and squeals with delight every time we head out :)

Besides going outside, we also snuck away a few times to Grandma and Grandpa’s cabin by the lake where Lucy “caught” her first fish-with a lot of help from Grandpa. Molly decided that for now she prefers to stay dry on the boat and the lake is just not for her.

I have had fun with my family…and I can’t wait for school to begin, too!   Mrs. Boes

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Falling Can Be Worth the FUN!

Today, I opened my email to find emails from two 5th graders. Madison sent a message to let me know that her summer has been filled with great family trips.  She is also part of the Rocket Cheer program and this is keeping her busy.  Once Maddie finds a photos she will send it to me to post.  She has to be one of the most enthusiastic cheer members ever!
Annalicia has spent a lot of time up at her cottage. She told me that she has made a lot of new friends and learned how to do a 360 on her kneeboard.
Annalicia has learned how to waterski–even getting up on her own with no help.  The best part of her message was this:  ” When we jet ski it is so much FUN but sometimes we fall 🙁 but it is all worth the fun! ”   Now this is the attitude that I love….and it is a great reflection of Annalicia’s positive personality!                                                  
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Teacher Spots Black Bear

Mrs. McDonald spent a week in Gaitlinburg, Tennessee where she hiked in the mountains, rode horses, explored caves, and white water rafted.

She and her family hike up ssome very difficult trails and then jumped in the waterfalls!  Mrs. McDonald was able to see many land and rock formations, as well as plant and animal adaptations—and as only a teacher would do, spent her time thinking how to incorporate all she was learning into her third grade science units.

The best part of all:  While sitting quietly in the woods,  Mrs. McDonald saw a black bear.

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How many little campers can fit into Pioneer Park?

If you noticed your neighborhood was missing the sounds of children playing, it’s because they were at Pioneer Park with the Burget and VanHaitsma families!   How many young campers can fit into Pioneer Park…at least 52!

In the photos above,  check out the best summer fort I have seen in a long time. It was engineered and built by Jessa, Kassidy and Kenzey.  Way to go, builders! The photo on the right showcases four  very happy campers:  Jessa and Kassidy VanHiatsma along with Kenzey and Kaylah Burget.

If you haven’t sent me a summer photo for your family yet, put it on your to do list.  We have less than four weeks until school begins and I would love to wrap up these summer weeks with posts about summer fun.

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Go Ahead…Celebrate S’more!

Did you know today is National S’more Day?  Quick….run out to the nearest grocery store and pick up a package of graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows.

If you don’t have a fire pit to roast your marshmallows, you can make these in your microwave.

Mr. Bowen, one of our teachers, is one of the very best s’more makers around!  In honor of him and this fabulous summer treat, HAPPY S’MORE DAY TO YOU AND YOURS!



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A Magical Place

Have you ever been to Sleeping Bear Dunes?  This is an area in the Michigan’s north western lower peninsula that has over 35 miles of coastline along the shores of Lake Michigan.  It is stunning!

Mrs. Bouwens’ visited this area over the summer with her family and this includes a very important member, Dylan–a shared dog between Mrs. Bouwens and her daughter, Angela.  Visit her blog to see more beautiful photos.

If you have read all of our summer sharing to this point, you will remember that the Poisson family also visited this area over the summer.  If you have not yet been there, put it on your Michigan ‘bucket list’!

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Earrings and Sand Piles!

Mrs. Quigley and Mrs. Reagan,

This summer I got my ears pierced.  I have flower earrings in my favorite color aqua blue!  Me and my cousins and brother Henry played in the sand at Lake Michigan.  We got buried because we were cold.

Isabel Winkelman

A Note from Mrs. Reagan:  Please take some time to check out all of the fun summer postings.  You will learn about favorite summer activities for students and staff in grades PK through 5!  If you would like to share your photos, please send them to my email.

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An Artfully Wonderful Summer

Even when Mrs. Brouwer is relaxing, art is a part of her life.  She has spent her summer working on various art pieces and also documenting the world around her with her camera.

Mrs. Brouwer and her husband have also explored different parts of our state during the summer months.  One of her favorite summer places to visit is our family cabin on Lake Leelanau.

They spent a nice long lazy week in July at a lovely cabin, dipping her toes in the lake and reading lots of books!   Visit her blog to read about her art work and see the fabulous photos she has taken this summer.  Mrs. Brouwer’s blog is one of my absolute favorites to follow.  The way she captures the beauty of the world around her with the camera lens and her art work inspires me to do the same!


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Mrs. Kuieck and Her Boys!

One of our second grade teachers, Mrs. Kuieck, has had a busy summer with her three boys.  Brycen, a kindergartener in Mrs. Jabaay’s class,  learned how to swim.

Masen, a second grader in Mr. Bialochowski’s fourth grade, learned how to wake board at the cottage on Lake Leelanau.

Finally, Zach who is in Mrs. Quigley’s class, worked with his mom to grow cucumbers to make into pickles!