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Super Moon Kicks Off Summer

Our longest day of the year and first day of summer occurred on June 21 — the summer solstice.  It was a beautiful day and for me, seemed like the perfect first day.

supermoonWhile working in the garden on this first summer day, I recalled that Zachary (a wise kindergartener) had shared his understanding of the lunar calendar with me.  It was during this lunch conversation that Zachary explained the current moon phase and told me that that the next full moon would fall on June 23.  Needless to say, I was very impressed with his lunar calendar knowledge.

Not only is this weekend a full moon, it is also called a SUPER MOON.  AccuWeather’s Mark Paqueete describes it this way:  “The word supermoon was coined in 1979 by astrologer Richard Nolle.  He used the term to describe a new or full moon that occurs when the moon is at or near its closest approach to Earth. The moon will pass within about 221,000 miles from the Earth on Saturday night, compared with its “typical” distance of about 238,000 miles.

And if the clear skies at night hold, a sighting of the moon this evening will be stunning and memorable.   I hope you get a chance to enjoy it — and when you do, think about Zachary who I will rely on for lunar calendar updates for his remaining years at Georgetown!