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Lunch with Sydney

Today I had the great fortune of lunching with Sydney, a fourth grade student who loves Mr. Burger’s BLT sandwiches!  We left Georgetown at 11:50 and didn’t return until 1:10–so sorry Mr. Gort about the lost instructional time.  While talking and eating, we discovered that we are both sleep walkers — which is more of an adventure for our families than us!  We shared stories about sleep walking, summer vacations, and the trials of living with middle school sisters.  I learned about her cat Sassy (who seems to be part cat and dog) and the possibility that a puppy is on the horizon.  It was a delightful lunch!  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Wieringa for making this possible with your donation to the Grace Thatcher Scholarship Fund.

I have created a new slideshow about my lunch dates.  Sydney requested country music.  Enjoy!