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Milo Does Summer School

Milo and I work on training together.

While you are busy playing in the sunshine and splashing in the pool, Milo is taking classes to learn how to be a better puppy.

Each week, I take Milo to the Holland Petco to work with our trainer, James.  Milo and I have learned how to do the following together:  Sit, Shake, Down, Rollover, Come, Leave It,  and Walk on a Loose Leash.  He is doing well with all of these commands.  My personal favorite is LEAVE IT…which I use with the trash can, shoes, books (yes, he will chew on books) and other no-no objects in the house.  Click here to learn some of the hand signals and commands I use with Milo.

Milo goes to school with Murdock, a very happy black lab.   Milo has learned to not stand in the way of Murdock’s wagging tail–and so have I!

If you have learned anything new this summer, send a photo our way with a description of what you have learned and Milo and I will post this on the blog.

Here are some photos of our training sessions.

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IPAD Training for Parents

We know the iPad is a “cool” device with many awesome features and capabilities, however, most owners take it out of the box, turn it on, and start downloading apps, unaware of the features that really make the iPad an effective learning device to support educators and learners.   Our local intermediate school district, OAISD, is hosting a training to help you understand this powerful tech tool.

If you have an IPAD, please bring this to  the session –we will not have any to loan during the training.
This session will teach you all about your device:
• iPad Background
• The Basics (Spotlight, Keyboard, Multitasking, Folders/Categories)
• Understanding and changing the settings to meet your needs
• Accessibility features
• VoiceOver/Speak Selection
• Standard apps that come already loaded

Additionally, this session will include 
• Effective methods and resources for locating apps for your specific role
• Effective methods and resources for locating apps for student needs
• Effective methods and resources for locating apps for meeting educational goals
• Hands on exploration of common apps for productivity and education
• Collaboration with others in the session for sharing ideas and strategies for use and implementation
• Setting up an iTunes account


February 21, 2012
4:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Cost: $15.00 (dinner included)

If you have questions, please contact Anne Thorp at