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Welcome Vernal Equinox!

Did you feel a spring in your step at  7:02 A.M. this morning?  If so, you have a great read on the axis points of the earth and the fact that they are not facing the sun.  Today marks the official first day of spring — also called the vernal equinox.   It is the one day of the year when days and nights are considered to be close to equal everywhere on the planet.

Can you balance and egg on it’s end today?

One way to celebrate the first day of spring and the unique axis points of the earth is to try to balance an egg on end.  Folklore (and some equinox geeks) profess this to be true.  I have never tried this….so if you get it to work, send a photo and I will share it on the blog.

The best part of March 20, it marks the official beginning of longer days for us!