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How well do you know a word?


Early this fall, we implemented a common instructional strategy (K-5) for the teaching of vocabulary. When teachers provide direct instruction in the deep understanding of words (vocabulary), students are better prepared to understand the information they hear and read in their studies.  Much of this work was based on the research of Bob Marzano, international curriculum leader in the area of best practice instruction, K-12.

Under the guidance of our speech & language pathologist, Kristina Speidel, we also assessed all students in their understanding of this strategy so that we could make improvements to our instruction.  The data that we collected helped us to identify missing pieces of our instruction, and also helped to move in the direction of small group instruction as a next step.  Beginning this week, small groups of students in each grade will work with teachers to learn additional strategies vocabulary to improve learning in all content areas.  In May, we will re-assess students and create a plan for improving instruction for the 2009-10 school year.

To see a video of the lesson modeled, visit:  VOCABULARY




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Vocabulary Work with Mrs. Speidel

Mrs. Speidel, our Speech and Language Pathologist, is working with all teachers to improve our instruction in vocabulary.   Knowing words well will help us improve our comprehension while reading many types of texts and also improve our word choice in writing.  Mrs. Speidel’s work is based on the work of Sara Smith and the Expanding Expression Tool.

This teaching strategy is called, “How well do YOU know a word?”  Teachers are implementing this vocabulary strategy in their classrooms throughout November.  In early December, a baseline assessment will be taken on all students to determine how we should improve our instruction in January.

To view a sample lesson, click on:  VOCABULARY