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Pizza Lunch Stars

Lunch with Seth and his friend, Griffin.
There are many things I love about being the principal of Georgetown Elementary.   Eating lunch with the walkathon winners ranks high on my list of favorite things.  This week, I ate with the top grade level winners.
Because Seth had a field trip on Wednesday, I had two pizza lunches.  Wednesday’s lunch was with Isabelle, Patrick, Ethan, Leah and Sophie.  On Thursday, Seth invited a friend to join him –Griffin Baker.
We ate Jet’s pepperoni pizza, cinnamon sticks, drank pop and juice.    Two days of pizza with Georgetown kids = best part of being a principal!
  • K grade:  Seth Miller  (Mrs. Iwema’s Class)
  • 1st grade:  Isabelle Swiercz  (Miss Taber’s Class)
  • 2nd grade: Patrick Jones  (Mrs. Greenlund’s Class)
  • 3rd grade:  Ethan Impens  (Mrs. Vanderstel’s Class)
  • 4th grade: Sophia Vanderkolk  (Mr. Kooiker’s Class)
  • 5th grade:  Leah Vandenberg (Mr. Gort’s Class)
Patrick, Ethan, Isabelle, Sophie and Leah
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Mrs. Quigley’s Class Rides in Style

Mrs. Quigley’s class STRETCHED out in front of the limo!

Mrs. Quigley’s class had their WINNING WALK-A-THON LIMO ride on Thursday of this past week.

It was SO much fun to watch the second graders get into the limo, explore the limo and celebrate being the winner class.

Thank you PTC for making this prize possible.  It was a very classy way to get to the Pizza Ranch!

Mrs. Reagan

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Limo Winners are HAPPY!

for our TREK for TECH walkathon winners!  Together we raised a record amount of money for our WALKATHON.  The total:

$14, 283.64

Our winners are: 
Top 5 earners for pool party:
  • Sheyla Plummer (Huizenga)
  • Eva Burlison (Quigley)
  • Annelise Ham (Van Arkel)
  • Eva Ham (Van Arkel)
  • Alivia Peterson (VanKoevering)
Top earners from each grade for pizza party with Mrs. Reagan:
  • K grade:  Seth Miller  (Iwema)
  • 1st grade:  Isabelle Swiercz  (Taber)
  • 2nd grade: Patrick Jones  (Greenlund)
  • 3rd grade:  Ethan Impens  (Vanderstel)
  • 4th grade: Sophia Vanderkolk  (Kooiker)
  • 5th grade:  Leah Vandenberg (Gort)
Top classroom for Limo ride
  • Mrs. Quigley’s Second Grade Class
Laser Tag Family Fun Package Winner
  • Emma Everts in Mr. Kooiker’s 4th grade class

HUGE THANKS to all of you for your donations and support.  

Mrs. Reagan



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Walkathon Winners Announced on FRIDAY

Due to the overwhelming support of our TREK for TECH Walkathon, the PTC Board has asked for time to make sure that they have counted every penny, nickel and dime correctly.  The winners will be announced this coming Friday, October 5.

Thank you for your support!  And…thank you PTC Board Members for all you do.  Our board members have busy families and work lives.  They generous donate their time to help organize events for our school and also serve as a sounding board for our staff.  We appreciate ALL YOU DO FOR US!

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October Has Arrived!

Mr. Jurewicz and Mr. Kooiker…pre-dunking photo!

Our fifth week of school welcomes in the month of October.  The weather will be beautiful which means another week of outdoor recess and if all goes well, outdoor PE classes.  We love it when our playground is dry and we can enjoy Michigan fall weather.

Thank you to everyone who supported our TREK for TECH walkathon this past week.  I should know the total earnings by FRIDAY of this week….along with the names of all the winners.  As soon as I have any news to share, I will broadcast it on the blog!

If you attended the HEF activities before the homecoming game on Friday, you were able to see Mr. Kooiker and Mr. Jurewicz get dunked by some amazing Georgetown kids.  I have added photos to our slideshow which runs all the time (on the right sidebar).  You’ll find photos of them dry and wet–along with a few photos of the kids who managed to send them for a swim.

The week ahead brings fire safety classes for grades kindergarten and fourth.  Firefighter Al and his officers will bring their trucks and gear to help us learn important strategies for being safe at home and at school.

We also have another Pizza Night competition—this week being Jet’s.  Order a pizza on Tuesday and remember to give your child’s class name (teacher name).  The class with the most pizza’s purchased will win a pizza lunch at school.

Here’s to a great week!

Mrs. Reagan

Splash goes Mr. Jurewicz! Good Arm, Jack Uhlig!


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Walkathon Donations Due: Friday 9/28 by 4 pm

With just 12 hours remaining, it’s time to search the couch cushions, empty out the change jars and search the crooks and corners of your cars!

If you want your class to win the LIMO RIDE, bring in your final TREK for TECH donation dollars tomorrow, Friday September 28. Donations must be in by 4 pm to count toward the LIMO RIDE!

The current ranking for classes earning the most are as follows:

Mrs. VanderStel, Grade 3

Miss Taber, Grade 1

Mrs. Kuieck, Grade 2

Thank you for ALL your support!

And…Good Luck!

Mrs. Reagan

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Week 4…Walk A Thon Time!

Throughout this week,  you will hear updates on the top earning classes for our TREK for TECH Walk-A-Thon (Wed Sept 26).  We will make an announcement at the end of each day sharing the top three classes with the final winning class announced one week from Monday.

The winning class (most money raised for our 2012 Trek for Tech Walk-A-Thon) will take a limo ride to a local pizza restaurant for lunch.

To help track the totals, we are encouraging students to enter their daily total in this walk-a-thon survey.  Enter once per day—and we will use this to estimate lead classes.  Thank you for your donations for our only MAJOR PTC fundraiser for the 2012-13 school year.

We will have two blue/gold days this week…one on Wednesday for our Walk-A-Thon and one on Friday, Homecoming Day.  This is also the day that you can come to the FUN FEST at Eagle’s Stadium to Dunk Mr. Kooiker and Mr. Jurewicz!  Be there at 4:30 pm and help raise money for the Hudsonville Education Foundation.

A snapshot of our school calendar is below.  Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

Mrs. Reagan


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LIMO RIDE: Who Will Win?

UPDATE  9/27/12:    LEADING CLASSES for the LIMO RIDE today are as follows

 Mrs. VanderStel, Grade 3, Miss Taber, Grade 1, Mrs. Kuieck, Grade 2

We would like to announce the classes who are leading the race for the WALK-A-THON LIMO RIDE at the end of each day.  Enter your daily donation here:  LIMO RIDE DONATIONS  Shortened link:

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Pampered First Graders

Mr. Bowen's Class Celebrated With Them I-PAD STYLE!

Mrs. Woodring’s class was our top earning class for the 2011 Walk-A-Thon!  This prize earned them very special service by the most well trained four star servers on this side of Lake Michigan:  Mrs. Reagan, Mrs. Nurenberg and Mrs. Ripley.  There was one top secret mission….that we can’t tell you about.  Enjoy the video…and thank you PTC for making this possible.