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Our 16th Week of School

As a school community, we have had sixteen weeks together to develop relationships as learners and people who care about one another.  It is precisely these relationships that will carry us through the coming week.

Our focus for the week will be as follows:  consistent, predictable routines and activities; continued focus on curriculum learning and instruction; care, time and attention as needed for children who need to be re-assured about safety at school.   We are not planning to run whole class discussions regarding the Sandy Hook event.  Our hope is to address individual questions as we receive them, however we do undertand that during the course of the coming days it is likely that a student will raise a question about safety while we are together whole group.  If this does occur, we have a plan in place for responding appropriately — referencing our own drill practices, our care and concern for all kids, the locked doors in our building and the rarity of events like this.

We urge you to keep your child’s teacher aware of concerns they may have —and be aware that these concerns may appear days, weeks and months from now.  Simply email or call your child’s teacher as necessary.

Please refer to the Thoughts and Resources  post.  This is a collection of resources for you to reference if needed.

As you can see below, we have a special theme day on Wednesday.  Teachers will be wearing their favorite (or not-so-favorite) holiday sweater.  Encourage your child to wear something that reflects the holidays…socks, shirt, hat, etc.

I am thinking of you as you prepare your children for school this week.  Please hold us in your thoughts and prayers as we do our very best to maintain a caring, safe, nurturing learning environment.

Warmly, Mrs. Reagan