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The Final Week

It’s so hard to believe that the final week is here!  It has been a fabulous year of learning and growing together….and as always, I learn how to be a better teacher, leader and person from my experiences with all of you, the children and the staff.

Thank you for ALL that you have shared and contributed this year.  We couldn’t do all we do with your support through attendance at Parent Club events, volunteering in the classrooms and copy room, participating in parent/teacher conferences and much more.

As you look ahead to this week, remember that there are end of the year classroom events taking place at various days/times in each grade.  Please be sure to check your child’s class blog for details.

School will be dismissed at 12:50 pm on Thursday.  We will be loading the busses and all staff will wave goodbye to the children in the bus loop.

Report cards will be placed in the mail in the afternoon on June 13.  These will arrive at your homes on Tuesday, June 14 or Wednesday, June 15.

Class lists will be posted to each teacher’s blog on June 17.  These will NOT BE POSTED ON THE SCHOOL WINDOWS.  In order to view your child’s class list, you will need to go to the class blog.  These can be found by clicking on the teacher link to the left.

On July 1, teachers will post school supply lists to their blogs.  There will also be reminders on the blogs about the open houses coming up in August.  Be sure to sign up for email updates while visiting the blog for next year.

I will be updating the blog throughout the summer….so you will hear from me on a regular basis.  As you can see from the calendar snapshot below, I am providing a sneak peak into the 2011-12 calendar!

Have a wonderful final week of school.

Mrs. Reagan


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Week 33: May 9-13, 2010

I hope everyone was able to take some time today to honor all  mother’s in your life!  It certainly was a beautiful day to be outside.  The spring weather is long overdue.

We will be hosting GEORGETOWN’s CARNIVAL on Friday of this week.  This event will be held after school on Friday and I hope that you can attend.  Susie Coxen, Stacey Alexander and many others have worked hard to organize an event that will be fun for families and friends.

The staff at Georgetown will be busily preparing for JUST WRITE…a celebration of our year long work in writing.  This event will be held daily next week–with each grade showcasing their stories on different days.  Be sure to check your child’s class blog for details.  We would love to have you stop by and read our work.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Reagan

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Week 32: May 2-6, 2011

I hope that you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather today!  After a wet, cool April it is wonderful to have the month of May begin on such a sunny note.

The week ahead at Georgetown is going to be busy and exciting!  Our incredible Parent’s Club is honoring the staff throughout the week with breakfast, coffee and sweet treats as a way to appreciate the work done throughout the year for your children.  In addition, our sister school arrives from Taiwan on Wednesday, staying through Friday.  We are squeezing in a JET’s Pizza night and ending with a Parent Club Mother/Son event on Saturday.

Please remember to vote on Tuesday, May 3.  This is a very important school bond vote for our district.

Have a wonderful week!  Thank you for your endless support in all that we do to raise your children to be the best learners and thinkers possible.

Mrs. Reagan

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Weekly Events for our 31st Week of the Year

April is drawing to a close this week.  I, personally,  have decided that we have had enough April showers and it is time for May to arrive!  This has to be my favorite piece of advice from a West Michigan weather forecaster:  “If you are looking for a dry day in the upcoming week, your two best options will be Sunday and Friday.”

The days get busier as we wrap up this month and head into May.  This week we have our district wide Art Show. Mrs. Brouwer created as great video featuring the set up of the art show and just a few of the pieces that will be honored.  Many, many more can be seen when you stop by Park Elementary this coming week, 9-5.  Georgetown Artists will have a special reception on Tuesday, April 26 from 5:30-7:30 pm.

If you have not yet completed your child’s profile form to help us with class placements, please do so by May 1.  Information about this survey can be found here:  SURVEY FOR CLASS PLACEMENTS

Here’s to a fabulous final week of April!

Mrs. Reagan


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Welcome Back!

I hope that you had a fun, relaxing and “just right” spring break.  Nearly 70 families completed the “WHERE WILL YOU BE DURING SPRING BREAK?” survey.  As you can see from the bar graph below, I was not the only person remaining in West Michigan!


This week we enter our 29th week of school.   It’s hard to believe this next statement:  We have just 9 weeks of school remaining!

We will be very busy in the next few weeks learning, teaching, preparing for JUST WRITE, visitors from RAEY GUANG ELEMENTARY, student teacher’s from Liverpool, England and MUCH MORE!  Watch the blog for details regarding all of these events.

I will be working closely with teachers to prepare class lists for next year. We would like your input and ask all parents to complete a Class Placement Survey for each child attending Georgetown.  As of today, 220 parents have completed the survey.  This needs to be completed by May 1 of this year.

Here’s to a great week ahead!

Mrs. Reagan

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Out like a lamb?

SunshineAs we enter the last week of March and look ahead to the five day forecast, it is safe to say that March is closing out the same way it began, like a lamb.    For those of you who are preparing to exit for places more warm than West Michigan, I ask that you bring back enough of that sunshine to warm up the month of April for us!

We end this coming week with one of the biggest highlights of the school year, the TALENT SHOW!  There will be two shows, each with a different cast of performances.  You can view the performance schedule by clicking on this link:  TALENT SHOW LINE UP 2011 As I have done in years past, all performances will be video taped and published to this blog by Monday, April 4.

And for those of you with precious kindergarteners, remember:  NO KINDERGARTEN CLASSES ARE IN SESSION THIS THURSDAY, MARCH 31.  This is a day off for kindergarteners.

Here’s to a great week and a fabulous spring vacation for everyone—whether you are away or home!

Mrs. Reagan

blog 3 28 Friday, April 1:  FIRST DAY OF SPRING VACATION.   NO SCHOOL.

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Week 27 of School!

As you can see from the snapshot of the week ahead, spring is very busy for our 5th graders!   The S.A.V.E. (Substance Abuse Violence Education) Program is a shared partnership between HPS and the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department.  Our laison officer, Sgt. Mike Petroelje, meets with our 5th graders each Wednesday to speak on and discuss health and government related issues.

On Thursday, our 5th graders spend walk to Baldwin Middle School to meet the principals and  tour the building to get a sense of what their lives will be like as sixth graders next year.

Finally, on Saturday morning, 5th graders will be serving breakfast at Vitale’s.  A portion of these earnings go toward 5th Grade Celebration.  If you have not turned in your pre-paid RSVP, you can take care of it by clicking on this link. Please come if you can.

Have a great week…and enjoy the sunshine when it appears!  Spring official begins at 7:21 pm tonight.

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Our 26th Week of School: March 14-18, 2011

We have a busy week ahead with Talent Show rehearsals, completion of grades 3 & 5 COGAT testing, K Screening, Spring Book Fair, Fourth Grade Lansing Trip and MORE!

The Book Fair will be held in the Sensory Motor Room, located on the Early Childhood Wing.

The PK/K Screening will be held in the Media Center.

Here’s to a great week ahead!

Mrs. Reagan

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Week 23 of School: Feb 22-25, 2011

I hope that your winter break has gone well!  We have a four day week ahead AND it is a busy one, too.

If you have conferences with Mrs. Bohl on Tuesday, these will be held in the her classroom during your before or after school scheduled time.

The fourth and fifth graders will begin their day on Tuesday with a guest speaker who will talk about cyber-bullying.  This will take place at 9 am in the MPR if you are interested in attending.  The speaker is Mike Skupin–he will be traveling to all the schools on Tuesday.

I included the events for next week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  We will be holding Parent/Teacher Conferences in the late afternoon evenings on those dates.

REMEMBER:  Get your classroom basket donations in by February 23.  The tickets for the baskets ($1.00) each will be sold next week (Feb 28, March 1 and March 2) at lunchtime and during Parent Teacher Conferences.   Many thanks to Chloe Patrick who reminded me to get this in the blog update!

Here’s to a great week ahead!

Mrs. Reagan

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