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Surviving the 2014 Polar Vortex

polar vortexThe extreme cold weather has expanded our vocabulary with words/phrases such as:  polar vortex, drifting, wind chill, accumulation, lake effect, advisory, warning, etc.  While working on this post, I searched for a “I survived t-shirt” and of course a screen printing company has sissiesseized the moment!  Although I do have to say, that I do believe that this t-shirt sums up our state hardiness best.

Even though roads are still extremely slick, I am very hopeful that the conditions improve for tomorrow morning.  I am more than ready to have everyone back to school.

Please PLEASE make sure you send your child to school with ample outdoor clothing.  We will not send the children outdoors for recess if wind chills are below zero — but keep in mind this can change throughout the day.  I want all the children to be protected if they are outdoors — even if walking to and from the busses.

Also, the school will be chilly inside as well.  It will take sometime for our system to catch up and heat all the rooms evenly.   Layers of indoor clothing will be helpful for these cold winter days.

Looking forward to getting the second half of the year started!  Mrs. Reagan




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Indoor Recess Policy

BRRRRR! As we look out the window and see the snow BLOWING across the playground fields, it is hard to believe that it was 50 degrees just 12 hours ago!

We wanted all parents to be aware that when the wind chill is zero or below, we keep the children indoors for recess. Please make sure that you send your child to school with boots, mittens/gloves, hats, snowpants, etc. Remember, use me (the principal mom) for leverage if your child doesn’t want to wear these clothing items to school. It is freezing cold on our playground!