As a community of teachers and learners, our school wide mission is BE NICE • WORK HARD • LEARN WELL.

Our school was built in 2006 and was designed for maximum learning use focused on comfort and a “green living” philosophy.  We have committed to a environmentally friendly approach by utilizing blogs to reduce paper use and hosting a Paper Gator recycling bin for our school and community.

We work with over 550 students each day, teaching grades K-5.

Over 30 teachers work in our building on a daily basis, and 90% of them have their master’s degree in education.  We work actively as a team to provide the most progressive learning experiences for all children in our school.  Your children are the central focus of all that we do as a team.

We have developed a School Improvement Plan that is on file with the Michigan Department of Education.  You can view it here:  GES School Imp Plan


In order for your child to take any medication (prescription and non-prescription) at school,
a MEDICATION FORM is required. If your child requires prescription medication (asthma inhaler, epi-pen, insulin) your physician must complete a portion of the form.  The medication form is available in the school office.

Georgetown staff is focused on promoting healthy living initiatives.   One important initiative is a “POP FREE     LUNCHROOM and POP FREE CLASSROOMS.”   Please keep this in mind when you provide a  lunch for your child at school.

As a staff, we take food allergies very seriously and do all that we can to create a safe environment at school.  There is a nut free lunch room table and milk free lunch room table in the cafeteria.  Students who need to sit at these tables can have friends join them with permission.  A lunch assistant will check lunches to be sure that those who join the table have nut or milk free lunches for that day.  Our number one goal is to make the lunchroom safe for ALL students who are eating.   In addition to this, certain classrooms are NUT FREE and these rooms will be marked accordingly.   If your child is in one of these classrooms, we ask that you not send any snack related food to school that contains nuts.  Furthermore, if your child has a food allergy that we are not aware of, please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible. We appreciate everyone’s support in this area.

Due to the safety issues related to Heely shoes (shoes with wheels), these are NOT ALLOWED at school—both in the building and on the playground.  Please keep this in mind as you are outfitting your child with shoes for the school year.  If your child wears Heely’s to school, the staff will ask that the wheels be removed and placed in the backpack.

This is a very busy time in the school drive and hallways.  To make it more efficient and secure, we have this policy in place:

If you are dropping your child off at school, please do this in the front circle drive.  Your child will then walk outside the building to his/her playground until the bell rings at 8:45 am.   If your child arrives after school begins, you must walk him/her into the front office and sign your child in for the day.  Our school secretaries, will have a sign-in log available at the front desk.  Your child will then walk to his/her classroom.

For those of you who pick your child up after school, please report to the front lobby.  If your child normally rides the bus, SEND A NOTE ADDRESSED TO THE TEACHER indicating that you will be providing pick up.  Wait in the front lobby, and the classroom teachers will send children to this area for pick up.  PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE CLASSROOMS.

It is important that we keep our hallways open at the end of the day so that we can exit the building efficiently and calmly.  For this reason, you must wait in the lobby area for your child.  The PreK and K teachers will have assistants to walk students to the office for pick up.   If you need to meet with your child’s teacher for any reason, wait for the students to exit the building before you walk to the classroom.

ALL STUDENTS MUST BE PICKED UP PROMPTLY AT 3:40 WHEN SCHOOL ENDS. Thank you for your help in this matter!

PK and K Round Up Video

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