Parent Club

We have a very active Parent Club.  Our activities are centered around supporting learning and family activities.  Some of the activities include:  Walkathon (fundraiser), Parent/Child events, Holiday Shoppe, Book Fairs (2 per year), Reading Incentive Programs (Millionaire Club and Reading Club), and much more.  To see blog posts of Parent Club events and meeting minutes,  type PTC into the search area and all posts about events will show on the main page.

All members of the Parent Club volunteer their time to plan, organize and run events for students, parents, and teachers.  The board members are key people who work closely to plan the fundraiser and schedule events with all the school needs in mind.


  • Meeting dates listed below. The meetings begin and end promptly…and are informal and informative.
  • Feel free to contact a Parent Club board member (information is below).
  • You can also visit our Parent Club FACEBOOK page.


  • President: Audrey Straub • 
  • Vice Presidents:  Kim Laurie
  • Secretary:     Kristi Floriana 
  • Treasurers:  Jenn Mazarka; Kelly Smith
 Ways to help our school: 
  • Box Tops:   Remember to save the little “Box Tops for Education” rectangular labels on various food and household items. Information about competitions posted at a later date.  Last year we made over $2,000 for our school.  The money helped purchase GAGA PITS, playground balls and books for our classrooms.
  • Papergator: Don’t forget to bring your newspapers, magazines, old phone books, etc. to the Papergator dumpster in the parking lot. The more we bring, the more money we make for Georgetown!  We make approximately $300 during the school year through this recycling program.

Dates and more details below!

PTC Meetings • Georgetown School Library
September 19th @ 6:30p
December 5 @ 6:30p
January 23rd @ 6:30p
March 19th @ 6:30p
May 21st @ 6:30p
This is made possible with open house POPCORN MONEY donations.
September 20
October 18
November 15
December 13
January 31
February 21
March 6
April 24
May 8
Culver’s Night’s: Portion of profits go back to school
Oct 7 5-8p
Spring TBD
PTC Conference Dinners: Meals for teachers provided first night of Parent Teacher Conferences
Mon Nov 18 4-7p
Mon March 9 4-7p
Book Fair Dates: Portion of profits go back to school
November 18-22
March 9-13
JET’s Pizza Nights: Portion of profits go back to school
Sept 12
October 10
November 14
December 12
January 9
February 13
March 12
April 16
May 14
Holiday Shoppe: Children purchase gifts for family members
December 16-19
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week.
Organized by parent volunteers.
May 4-8
Holiday Breakfast for Staff
Organized by parent volunteers.
December 20
Son Event TBD – Organized by parent volunteers.
Daughter Event TBD – Organized by parent volunteers.


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