Elementary Guidelines

Attendance Guidelines

We, as a school district, are under stringent guidelines from the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (OAISD) to monitor student attendance.  Any absence/tardy record greater than 10% (one day every two weeks) is considered excessive according to the Ottawa County Juvenile Court. The laws of the State of Michigan require all children between the ages of six  and sixteen to attend school during the entire year.  If absences and/or tardies exceed this percentage (even if they are excused), parents will be notified via a letter.

Guidelines regarding dress code, inclement weather procedures, conduct policies and more, view this document:   Elementary Guidelines



If your child has head lice, we recommend the following:

  1. Check your child’s hair immediately and carefully.  If you find lice, determine a treatment plan by calling your doctor.  Notify the school.  CLEAN all surfaces that your child would come into contact with:  sheets, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, clothing.   Keep your child home until there is no evidence of lice or nits. We do not check for head lice at school.
  2. Even if your child is lice free, please wash ALL outdoor clothing with hot water and dry clothing in hot dryer.
  3. Educate your child to not share hats, scarves, brushes, etc.  Keep hats, mittens, scarves in backpacks at school.
  4. Monitor your child for excessive scratching of head.


  1. Medical term:  pediculosis capitis
  2. Louse = 1;  Lice = more than one.
  3. Lice DO NOT JUMP.  They crawl.
  4. Lice spread through close contact – hats, combs, brushes, etc.
  5. Lice can live 2-3 days off the body.
  6. Nit is the name for a louse egg.
  7. A louse will lay 6 eggs per day.
  8. A nit can live up to 10 days off the body.
  9. Lice are killed quickly with treatment.
  10. Nits require daily combing and inspection daily for  3 weeks.
  11. Lice do not discriminate.  They love scalps of any any child!
Links to videos you may find helpful:

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