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January is ripe for…

viruses!  If your family was healthy over the holidays, CONGRATULATIONS!  If not, I am so very sorry.  I do know how horrible it can be to have sick children around the holiday season.

Please be aware that we have many different types of viruses afflicting children at school.  These range from stomach viruses (one lasting up to three weeks…ugh), to impetigo, step throat, respiratory illnesses, and nasty cases of true blue flu.  

Each time we have a sick child in the office area and health room, Mrs. Ripley and Mrs. Nurenberg sanitize the phones, chairs, and counter area.  We do this to ensure that these viruses do not spread from student to student and to the staff. 

If your child does come down with an illness, please keep him/her home for 24 hours following the end of a fever or last signs of viral symptoms.  This will help us to eliminate the spread of some of these viruses.

Thank you for your help!  Mrs. Reagan

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