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WEEK 19: Jan 15-19, 2018

Kaelyn Berens, Georgetown Artist

We had a great first week back to school!  We heard lots of stories about vacation travels, presents, snow related activities and a few people who got sick.  All of us hate to hear stories about people getting sick during vacations.

Pictured above is Kaelyn Berens who’s art work was selected to hang in the district art collection.  She was presented with a certificate at the Thursday night Board of Education Meeting.  It was wonderful to watch her be honored!

As you know, we are moving into the season of germs — and added to this germ mix will be influenza.  It is heavier on the east side of the state, but it’s making its way over to the west side. 

Influenza is a virus that targets your respiratory system.   Symptoms include cough, stuffy nose, body aches, temperature with chills, etc.    The influenza is very contagious and it is not the stomach flu (throwing up).   If your child has influenza, this will mean many days home – typically 4-10.  Do not send your child to school with symptoms.  Your child must be fever free for 24 hours — without using fever reducing medication.

On the academic end of life at school, teachers LOVE the months of January, February, March.  These are the best stretches of teaching time.  Students have matured into the routines, there are fewer interruptions in our calendar and it’s also when the more rigorous curriculum for each grade begins.  If you notice your child is more fatigued with school, it is likely due to the increased expectations AND less daylight time AND less outdoor time.  We do build in lots of brain breaks and movement.  Make sure you also encourage your child to play and move during off school times as well.

Finally, I wanted to share a special book that some of our kindergarteners and first graders created for School Board Appreciation Month.  This book is based on a popular children’s book titled, BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR WHAT DO YOU SEE?  We used the pattern to create a book titled: School Board, School Board What Do You See?

Enjoy and stay warm this weekend…and bundle the kids up next week!

Mrs. Reagan

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