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Weekly Events, 1/26/09

It’s hard to believe:  This is our 20th week of school!  It is also the final week of January, and as we head into February, we can look forward to days with more light (and maybe bright sunshine now and then).

Our weeks events are highlighted below:

  • Mon 1/26  Day 1:  Happy Chinese New Year…the Year of the Ox!
  • Tues 1/27  Day 2:  Music Therapy:  ECSE, CI in MPR 1:30-3:00 pm
  • Wed 1/28  Day 3
  • Thurs  1/29 Day 1:  Mrs. Boersma’s Class Pledge of Allegiance Broadcast on 94.5!; Mrs. Kok’s class, Bowling:  9:15 am; Blog Training for Students @ 4 pm (Computer Lab)
  • Fri  1/30 Day 2:   TTH K; ECSE Sleigh Ride
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