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Rolling into a 2014 Routine!


We are hoping for a five day week of routine.  A week without an ice day, snow day, wind chill day and a polar vortex day.  As fun as snow days can be — every now and then — three in a row crimps our teaching and learning routine. So, kids…no more snow day tricks like ice cubes in the toilet and wearing  your PJ’s inside out because we have some catching up to do at school!

This week our fourth graders finish up their swimming lessons at the high school.  We also have another school pizza night — this time with Marco’s.  Remember….if you order a pizza, pass along the teacher’s name and your child’s class will get credit.  The orders are tallied by class and the winning class receives a pizza lunch at school.  This is one of the many fundraising events that our PTC board organizes.  All profits going toward supporting family and school events.

Remember to check your child’s class blog for events that are classroom specific.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Reagan



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Week 4…Walk A Thon Time!

Throughout this week,  you will hear updates on the top earning classes for our TREK for TECH Walk-A-Thon (Wed Sept 26).  We will make an announcement at the end of each day sharing the top three classes with the final winning class announced one week from Monday.

The winning class (most money raised for our 2012 Trek for Tech Walk-A-Thon) will take a limo ride to a local pizza restaurant for lunch.

To help track the totals, we are encouraging students to enter their daily total in this walk-a-thon survey.  Enter once per day—and we will use this to estimate lead classes.  Thank you for your donations for our only MAJOR PTC fundraiser for the 2012-13 school year.

We will have two blue/gold days this week…one on Wednesday for our Walk-A-Thon and one on Friday, Homecoming Day.  This is also the day that you can come to the FUN FEST at Eagle’s Stadium to Dunk Mr. Kooiker and Mr. Jurewicz!  Be there at 4:30 pm and help raise money for the Hudsonville Education Foundation.

A snapshot of our school calendar is below.  Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

Mrs. Reagan


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Final Week of School

We wrapped up last week with our school carnival…a perfect way to celebrate a terrific year.  Many thanks to our PTC for organizing this.  Many parents donated to the insanely popular cake walk as well as time and energy to planning, set up and take down.  While walking about with Milo and Miss Robertson, a visiting teacher from England, I was able to take a few photos which are highlighted  above!

We are entering our final week of school for the 2012-13 school year.  It has been an amazing year — one filled with memories of friendships (new and continued), learning celebrations and school happenings.   We want you to know how much your support means to us — through volunteering in the classrooms, at PTC events and through your support of your child’s learning activities.  Your support of your child’s learning environment makes it possible for our school to reach all learners. Our school is great because of you and your children!

Throughout the summer months, I will update our blog with details about the upcoming 2012-13 school year.  Open Houses for next year will be held on August 28 (K) and August 29 (grades 1-5).

Also…our Library will be open in the summer from 10-12 on Tuesdays.  This is a great time to come and meet teachers and check out books.  Details coming in a post later this week!

School dismisses on Friday at 1 pm.  The children will eat lunch at school before we dismiss them.

Here’s to a fantastic week…filled with sunshine and wrap up activities!

Mrs. Reagan


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Our 30th Week of School

Wow!  Not only is it week 30 of the 2011-12 school year, we also have just 8 weeks remaining!  To help us get ready to wrap up this school year and prepare for another, be sure to respond to the Parent Survey for class lists (grades PK-4).  If you have a 5th grader, there is not need to complete this survey because your child will be heading onto Baldwin Middle School next year.  This survey will be open until May 1.

We are also preparing for our annual JUST WRITE Celebration.  This will be the week of May 14-18.  We have T-Shirts available for writers to wear on their special celebration day–and we encourage them to have their classmates sign the shirts.  Order forms for this can be found on our JUST WRITE is COMING post.


Of course, there are many other events coming up.  Please pay careful attention to the school calendar and your child’s class blog.  Watch for field trips, field days, celebrations of all kinds and details about the final day of school (June 8 – dismissal at 1 pm.).

Mrs. Reagan

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Nine Weeks Remaining

Now that spring break is over, the school year will start flying by at the speed of light.  We have just nine weeks remaining…and there is so much that we want to accomplish!   We will keep you posted all all events via this main blog as well as the classroom blogs.

Please remember to check your child’s classroom blogs for updates about field trips and special events that come each spring.

I hope your spring break was fantastic!  Take some time to scan through the posts below to see how some of our Georgetown families spent their breaks.

Here’s to a fantastic week back at school!

Mrs. Reagan


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March has come…

March comes in like a lamb!

…in like a lamb and hopefully it will go out like a lamb rather than a lion.   The old proverb or folklore, In like a lamb, out like a lion, was used to describe a normal month of March with cold, damp and unsettled weather patterns.  By the end of the month, spring is typically approaching with  sunshine, greener grasses and early spring blossoms.

Based on the odd winter weather pattern, it will be interesting to see what March brings. What am I hoping for?  Dryer playgrounds and ample sunshine!

Many thanks to all of you who attended conferences last week.  Your support for your children and our school is an essential part of their successful learning—and allows us to do so much more as teachers.  We truly value your support.

As we head into the coming week, know that there are only 14 weeks of school remaining.  Spring break is 25 days away and once this passes by, the final few weeks fly by at the speed of light.

This week, we have PK/K Round UP on MARCH 6….along with JET’S PIZZA NIGHT.  We set our clocks ahead over the coming weekend and open next week with ALL SCHOOL PJ DAY.

A snapshot of the week is below.  Be sure to check your child’s blog for updates that are more specific.

Mrs. Reagan




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Week 23: February 20-24, 2012

I hope your winter (slash that) mini-SPRING break was fantastic!  Teachers were very busy on Thursday working on assessments and report cards.  I am hopeful that everyone was able to use the extra day or two for rest and fun–which is well deserved all around.

I must admit, as far as the weather is concerned, I have crossed over from mourning the lack of snow to hoping we can push this weather through March and straight into spring.

This is our last full week of February — welcoming March in next week. The schedule below is a snapshot view.  Be sure to check out your child’s class blog for additional details.


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Spring in February

It looks like we have continued mild weather — and yes, it is February not April!

We have JET’S PIZZA NIGHT on Tuesday and Popcorn Day on Friday. Both of these events are organized by our PTC — and supported by all of you, and we appreciate every activity very much.

Have a terrific week…and enjoy the sunshine while we have it!

Mrs. Reagan



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January Wraps Up…

and February rolls in!  The week opens up with the final three days of January and ends on Ground Hogs Day.


It’s ironic that Ground Hog’s Day serves as our marker for counting down to spring when we have had so many spring days in January!  Even more ironic that as I type this, several inches of snow are accumulating in my yard.  What a strange month this has been for weather.

A snapshot of our week ahead is below.  I hope you have a great weekend….and here’s to a great month of February.

Mrs. Reagan

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Snowy Weekend

View of the Hemlocks

I hope you have been able to enjoy the beauty of the lake effect snow fall.  My home is nestled under giant beech trees and surrounded by hemlocks.  No matter which window I look out, I feel like I am in a snow globe.

This should make for an easier week to dress your children for outdoor wear at school.  The playground calls for boots, snowpants, glove/mitts, hats and scarves—and of course a winter coat.

Each time you are in the building, be sure to walk by the LOST (and we hope FOUND) tables outside the library.  There are a few items that you may recognize that your children haven’t missed yet.  I am always most entertained by the one lone boot or shoe that ends up there!  Surely that one boot or shoe in the locker must look lonely.

The schedule for this week is posted below.