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Raey Guang Honored for International Communication

The Principal of Raey Guang Elementary wrote to share some exciting news.  Read on:

Dear Mrs. Reagan,

I would like to pass a good news to you! Our program of international networking with you has won the first place in Taiwan and I was invited to share the experiences in our ministry of education! Thanks to your help on much ideas-sharing and blog-constructing. This award belongs to you, too.

The new semester is running now. This semester, we are going to have new courses for students and teachers as well. For students, high-achievers and low-achievers of English will both be selected out and given special training. Furthermore, all students will have more courses about e-communication. We hope all children in our school can learn English well and have more communication with your students. All teachers are going to have extra English lesson, too. Learning is not just about the students, right?

Last, I hope children in both of our schools can be educated happily and have better global visions for their future.

Mrs. Chung Wen Yu

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