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Candy Corn Winners!

Scavenger Hunt Winners

Over 90 students participated in our CANDY CORN SCAVENGER HUNT

This is pretty amazing and of course I was thrilled that you found the time to visit the blogs with your children.

I found a great candy corn sale at Walgreens, so instead of five randomly drawn winners, I drew 12 winners.   The winners of the candy corn bags are:  Gerrit Klyn, Cade Schoonbeck, Ellise Crowley, Colby Hogle, Brayden Schoonbeck, Brenden Tockstein, Spencer VanTol, Emma Everts, Melia Brewer, Jordan Holiday, Quinn Baar and Samantha Missad.

Two classes tied for the most students to complete the scavenger hunt. Each class wins an extra recess supervised by ME!  The winning classes are:

gerrit klyn
Cade Schoonbeck
Ellise Crowley
Colby Hogle
Brayden Schoonbeck
Brenden Tockstein
Spencer VanTol
emma everts
Melia Brewer
Jordan Holiday
Quinn Baar
Samantha Missad

Mrs Kuieck’s 2nd Grade Class and  Miss Taber’s 1st Grade Class

Have a great Halloween weekend!

Mrs. Reagan

PS:  Next scavenger hunt will be just before Thanksgiving and involve an animal that has wings but doesn’t fly very well.

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